Review: Riding Irish (Sinners & Saints #1) by Sara Brookes

October 14, 2014 Review 0

Review: Riding Irish (Sinners & Saints #1) by Sara Brookes

Mayhem is a way of life for Avery. The last thing she needs is a complication like Kane. The medal-winning swimmer who comes to her rescue is the ultimate golden boy. Everything this woman from the wrong side of the tracks shouldn’t want and everything she can’t stop thinking about. But emotion—and vulnerability—are liabilities she can’t afford.

Kane can’t understand why he experiences such dark, forbidden and kinky desires when he is around Avery. But her touch sparks a hunger deep inside him, and unleashes an erotic discovery where pain becomes pleasure. Their uninhibited passion reveals Kane’s dominant nature.

As Avery submits to Kane, exploring boundaries and pushing limits, she discovers a life she never expected. The unlikely pair forge a bond so tight, their unyielding trust gives way to a love like no other. But Avery’s brothers—members of Oahu’s most notorious motorcycle club—have other plans. Now Avery is forced to make a decision where her loyalty resides—with her family or with a lover who brings peace to the chaos surrounding her.

Warning: Ignition point hits hard and fast for this Dom and sub as an Irishman discovers his delightful talent for breath control, spankings and clothespins. You may just want laundry day to come more often.

Title: Riding Irish
Author: Sara Brookes
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Series: Sinners & Saints #1
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Published by Loose ID
Source: Author
Published: June 3rd 2014
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 222
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Riding Irish is the first book in the new series, Sinners & Saints, by Sara Brookes. This exciting book is filled with hot sex, hot waves and bikers all set on a Hawaiian island. You’ll fall in love with golden boy as he struggles with his desires for the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Come ride along for the ride of your life with Kane and Avery as they push their limits and discovery the love they have for one another.

Avery is a interesting one. Surfer, sister to MC bad boys, and she like her sex rough. What she actually does for a living besides surf I really couldn’t figure out but I did like her character. She would also happen to be the Sinner here (Pssst…You’ll have to read the book to find out why!). I like Kane, really I do. He worked through some of his head issues in an adequate amount of time enough that I could accept him as a Dom. His time with Avery always seemed very spot on especially when they are intimate. However, he is most definitely the saint in this book because there were moments when I found him just a smudge too goody-goody for some of the action scenes (of the non-sex variety) for it to be believable. As Kane struggles with what he thinks is wrong then comes into his own and becomes a Dom, you just know things are going to get interesting. Yowza do they! Avery and Kane put together are excitement and heat. Outside the bedroom they make a sweet couple but in the bedroom…oh yeah! They are quite the complete package. Does this book have a HEA for them? Certainly does and the journey they take to get there was fantabulous!

Of course, you can’t have bikers without some kind of rumble between rival clubs. This is where I’ll mention the secondary characters. You’ve got group A, Avery brothers. Not a fan of these boys. This is your younger sister guys. Show some respect! Then you have group B, their rivals. Typical bad guys, with a stereo-type turf war. Hello! You’re on a Hawaiian island. It can’t be that big to have turf wars. Then there is group C, the Riding Irish which is part of what this series is partially about. Kane and his biker friend forming a club. For me that is incidental because Kane’s friends are very interesting and I’m REEEALLY hoping Garvey and Boone get their own books.

I was telling my BBFs about this new exciting series by Sara Brookes. They know I’m a big fan of hers and asked me what’s it about. Then I realized I couldn’t quite pin it down. The title implies this is meant to be a MC since the word ‘Riding’ is in it. I wanted to say it was a MC series but the very few that I have read have been very violent, aggressive and filled with harsh language all of which was pretty much lacking. There was a sport aspect to it as well with Kane being a swimmer and Avery being a surfer. It most definitely had BDSM action so that pushes it into the erotic genre. So it’s a BDSM/MC romance between to athletes? I think I just hurt my brain trying to figure it out. What I do know is I enjoyed Riding Irish and anyone who loves Ms. Brookes will, too.

Riding Irish

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