Review: Right Place, Right Time by K.M. Mahoney

November 14, 2016 Review 0

Review: Right Place, Right Time by K.M. Mahoney

All the time in the world is still never enough.

In the heart of London in 1349, an apothecary engages in a futile battle against the rising tide of death brought on by the Great Pestilence. For this man, however, the duties of his profession are accompanied by an even greater responsibility—find Henry and ensure he survives the worst of the epidemic sweeping the Western world.

Now if only Dr. Drake Stilson knew which Henry to save. As an employee of The Oracle Group, a military and scientific organization dedicated to correcting the damage done by people playing around with time travel, this is far from the first time Drake has been sent to a distant time and place and expected to do the impossible. This is the first time, though, that he’s felt as if the battle is lost before it even begins. Surrounded by fear and loss, Drake is on the verge of surrendering to the inevitable when disaster strikes.

Despite being partners in work and life, Jens Pakkala rarely gets to spend time with Drake. He would love to take his partner and walk away from The Oracle Group, but how can he ask a dedicated historian to give up the opportunity to live out his studies? Then Drake runs into trouble on his latest assignment and Jens’ world begins to crumble. Now he has to figure out how to get himself to the right place and time to save Drake and bring him safely home.

Title: Right Place, Right Time
Author: K.M. Mahoney
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: October 4, 2016
Genres: Male Male Romance, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 97
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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I have to confess, when I started reading Right Place, Right Time I was only half-paying attention. Okay let get honest here, I was driving and I was having my Kindle read to me. My brain was trying to absorb the story and plot line and I kept wondering what they heck was going on. See I’m not normally a historical reader and the blurb starts with “In the heart of London in 1349…” so really, I didn’t expect to get too excited about the story. Then, I really started to pay attention, oh wow, then I restarted the book and find out, I almost missed out on a real great read.


Time travel has been invented but of course, there have been folks who have been playing around screwing up the past. The Oracle Group, a military and scientific organization, was created and their job is to travel to the past to the correct the damage. History professor Dr. Drake Stilson is approached by TOG member Jens Pakkala to join the ranks. At first, Drake is resistant by the lure of traveling back in history as well as his attraction to Jens, made for too good of a selling point to resist. After a few year and many assignments later, Drake and Jens are given their most difficult task to date. Drake is to go back to London 1349 during the black plague to find Henry and make sure he survives. With that obscure information, he goes into the past and tries to do the best that he can. When Drake runs into trouble, there’s only one person who can save him. The only question is can Jens figure out how to get to the right place and time to save Drake and bring him safely home


My latest reading addiction has been SciFy romances. I have been gobbling them up like crazy but I have yet to get into the M/M side of SFRs. That is until now. Right Place, Right Time was complete off the hook! I love the dynamics between Drake and Jens. Drake’s humorous side made for the perfect balance to Jens’ sternness. In addition, the sex…yeah baby! was hot and also tempered with Drake’s smart mouth. *Fans and giggles*


Putting the romance aspect to the side, the SciFy portion was amazing! I love the concept of traveling in history and correcting the damage. Things like this always make me think, if it’s in the past and we’re in the future, who’s to say it’s actually wrong? HAH! Anyhow, I loved it all. The concept, the characters, the bureaucratic head butting, Drake and Jens, I gobbled it up! There’s only one thing that would make this all better – if author K.M. Mahoney would make this into a series. (Hint-hint) Readers of male/male romances get ready to step into the SciFy world because this is a must read book!



Right Place, Right Time
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