Review: Rise & Fall (THIRDS #4) by Charlie Cochet

February 4, 2016 Review 0

Review: Rise & Fall (THIRDS #4) by Charlie Cochet

After an attack by the Coalition leaves THIRDS Team Leader Sloane Brodie critically injured, agent Dexter J. Daley swears to make Beck Hogan pay for what he’s done. But Dex’s plans for retribution are short-lived. With Ash still on leave with his own injuries, Sloane in the hospital, and Destructive Delta in the Coalition’s crosshairs, Lieutenant Sparks isn’t taking any chances. Dex’s team is pulled from the case, with the investigation handed to Team Leader Sebastian Hobbs. Dex refuses to stand by while another team goes after Hogan, and decides to put his old HPF detective skills to work to find Hogan before Theta Destructive, no matter the cost.

With a lengthy and painful recovery ahead of him, the last thing Sloane needs is his partner out scouring the city, especially when the lies—however well intentioned—begin to spiral out of control. Sloane is all too familiar with the desire to retaliate, but some things are more important, like the man who’s pledged to stand beside him. As Dex starts down a dark path, it’s up to Sloane to show him what’s at stake, and finally put a name to what’s in his heart.

Title: Rise & Fall
Author: Charlie Cochet
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Series: THIRDS
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Hell and High Water, Blood and Thunder, Rack and Ruin, Against the Grain
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: February 2, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 236
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
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The members of Destructive Delta have brought down the mole that has been feeding information to the Coalition. Now they just have the few remaining members of the Coalition that are still in the wind that they must hunt down and bring to justice. The problem there is two members of the team are down recovering from wounds they sustained in the previous book Rack and Ruin. Lieutenant Sparks does the only thing she can to a partial team, she pulls them from the case and puts them on leave. Dex being the tenacious agent that he is can’t let it go at that. This is where he walks a dangerous line of too stupid to live.

I’m probably one of the rare readers that love the THIRDS series but I want to push Dex into traffic most of the time. I’ve always viewed him as a bit of a dumbass while wondering how he has managed a career in law enforcement. His antics (among many other things) keep me reading though so it’s not all bad. Dex ups the ante on the stupidity here in Rise and Fall and it gets him in a world of trouble where Sloane is concerned. It also makes him look really self-centered while being a very bad boyfriend on top of that. Sloane being so over the moon with Dex lets it all go with little fuss and plenty of hot sticky sweet make up sex.

I’m pleased to see that we are moving on to new couples with the next two books. The tension with Cael and Ash, and Calvin and Hobbs has been building from the very first book. I’m looking forward to reading the hell that Charlie Cochet has planned for these two couples.

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