Review: Romancing the Fashionista (The Flirty Fashionistas, #1) by K.M. Jackson

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Review: Romancing the Fashionista (The Flirty Fashionistas, #1) by K.M. Jackson

When fate offers a second chance, only a fool waits for the other shoe to drop.

The Flirty Fashionistas, Book 1

Manhattan fashion maven and magazine editor Melinda Mitchell shuns the social media spotlight. That is, until a tipsy girl’s night out ends with her first Facebook account and a friend request from none other than her secret high school crush, Nolan Parker.

When Nolan lost his chance at the big leagues, he signed on with Doctors Without Borders and never looked back. Now he’s back home to help out his ailing father. Running into Mel at his fifteen-year high school reunion rekindles old feelings he thought he’d buried for good.

Intrigued by Nolan’s irresistibly sexy profile, Melinda heads to the reunion with her best friend to see if the picture matches up to the man. Their instant attraction flares brighter than the Manhattan skyline.

Although the tough fashionista and accomplished ex-jock rub each other the very right way, a few stumbling blocks will decide if the heat between them is a symptom of forever love, or a past that should be left where it belongs.

Warning: Contains a tough, no-nonsense, Big-Apple businesswoman who likes to call her own shots, and a hot doctor who can turn her on with surgical precision.

Title: Romancing the Fashionista
Author: K.M. Jackson
Series: The Flirty Fashionistas, #1
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 05/10/2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 98
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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When I started to read Fashionista I was in the mood for a quick and light read, that is just what I got.  Chick lit at his best.  It is one of these stories that I can’t get enough of.  Even though we know from the start how it will be ending, it is a pleasure to read it.  I had no expectations at all when I started it since I had never heard of this author.  I really like K.M. Jackson writing style, it is  opening  the way for new discoveries.

I always love stories that are set in the fashion industry because it is giving a touch of glamor to the storyline.  Add some high school reunion to the mix and it can only make an interesting story. Mel and Lexi are friends since High School, Mel started her own fashion magazine and is a trend setter in NYC.  On a night out, Lexi was able to convince Mel to go to their High School reunion and to loose up a little.  When they arrive at the hotel for their reunion, Mel sees Nolan, her high school crush and it is the start of an entertaining ride.

Mel has closed her heart to men a long time ago.  She has been hurt in the past and she has no intention to go through this again.  Her focus is on her daughter, Bailey, and her work.  It is all work and no play.  Lexi is trying to help her friend to get out of her shell and to live again.  Let me tell you that Mel is not happy about it, she prefers her golden cage that she built carefully.  We are definitely getting a fashionista vibe from Mel and it is not stereotypical at all.  The author was able to show Mel vulnerability and it was well done.  Lexi is fun and a little crazy, everything that a character needs to be to give us a great story.  I really liked her attitude and all the actions she took to drive Mel crazy.

Nolan knows what he wants and he is doing all that he can to get it.  He is not coming across as aggressive or a player, he is just plain stubborn and it is entertaining.  Respect to him is what really matters.  He is a doctor, not a superficial one, one who deeply cares about people.  He is trying to be on his A game to win Mel, but he is facing a big challenge.

Overall, I really enjoy this story, if you are looking for a quick read and humor and romance, then it will be a perfect match!


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