Review: Santuario (Santuario #1) by G.B. Gordon

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Review: Santuario (Santuario #1) by G.B. Gordon

Police teniente Alex Rukow has spent his life trapped on Santuario, his people’s isolated home-slash-prison-island. They’ve been living in poverty under the tyrannical regime of their own elite familias for the last two-hundred years, ever since their generation ship landed on the planet and found it already populated by earlier Earth settlers, the Skanians, who banished them to the inhospitable south.

Increasingly shamed by the decisions of their ancestors, the Skanians seek to open their borders. But dissent exists on both sides, and in the midst of this explosive political situation, a dead body appears on the island.

Bengt, a Skanian investigator, is shipped to Santuario to lead the murder investigation—which, he quickly realizes, the local teniente wants nothing to do with. As far as Bengt is concerned, things can’t get worse than the brutal climate, his own memories, and a growing attraction to a partner who will barely say two words to him. But then he and Alex run afoul of the local familias, and the problems with their investigation and their budding relationship seem like nothing compared to just getting out of this whole mess alive.

Title: Santuario
Author: G.B. Gordon
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Series: Santuario
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Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: October 8, 2012
Genres: Crime Drama, Male Male Romance, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 224
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: one-half-flames

On occasion I pick up a book expecting one thing and end up enjoying something entirely different than what I had initially expected. Santuario happens to be one of those books. So let me state here that this is not a romance. There are two men who may have a romance at some point but that is not the main story here. Santuario is an island that is inhabited by the second set of people who sought refuge on this planet. Alex like many of the people who live there wants a different way of life, one that is not affected by the corrupt and broken political system. This has been the status quo for over two hundred years so no one expects any changes.

The dead body that shows up on the area of the island that Alex polices has him notifying the Skanian’s of a murder that will require their own investigative team to examine. Bengt is thrown into a society that is vastly different than his own. He has to put all of his preconceived notions aside to work alongside Alex. The more time Bengt spends on Santuario the more he realizes that things need to change there. The borders that separate them must open. The case is far from simple, the more he looks into motives and suspects the more he sees that the murders are covering up something even larger than anyone ever suspected.

This book has actually been on my Kindle for quite some time. Based on a few reviews that I read I knew I wanted the next book in the series in my hand (or at least access to it) before I read this one. I’m glad I stuck by that decision. Santuario doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, all the loose ends from this story are tied up, but you are left wanting more. I found myself wanting to know more about how the events in the epilogue fell into place. I also want to know more of what Alex did between Bengt returning home and those events mentioned in the epilogue. Also I am completely fascinated by the politics and society structure of the very different worlds that these two men inhabit. Needless to say I am looking forward to what G.B. Gordon has created with The Other Side of Winter.

Gay Romance
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