Review: Saugatuck Summer (Saugatuck #1) by Amelia C. Gormley

May 23, 2014 Review 2

Review: Saugatuck Summer (Saugatuck #1) by Amelia C. Gormley

One summer can change everything

Hi, I’m Topher Carlisle: twenty-one, pretty, and fabulous. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. But let’s get real. Walking the fake-it-til-you-make-it road to independence and self-respect isn’t easy. Especially since my mom’s a deadbeat alcoholic, and most of my family expects me to turn out just as worthless. Oh, and I’m close to losing my college swimming scholarship, so let’s add “dropout” to the list.

My BFF has invited me to stay at her beach house on the shore of Lake Michigan. That’ll give me one summer to make money and figure out what I want to do with my life. So of course I decide to have an affair with my BFF’s married, closeted dad. Because that always works out.

Now I’m homeless, friendless, jobless. Worthless. Just like my family expects, right? Except there’s this great guy, Jace, who sees it differently. He’s got it all together in ways I can only dream of—he’s hot, creative, insightful, understanding. He seems to think I don’t give myself enough credit. And if I don’t watch out, I may start to believe him.

Title: Saugatuck Summer
Author: Amelia C Gormley
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Series: Saugatuck
Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: May 19, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 363
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

Apparently college age gay boys who are complete and utter wrecks are an enjoyable read for me. I can think of quite a few of these guys that have stayed with me long after I finished their book. Topher will be one of those guys! Jace and all his hotness and handseyness is a definite added bonus.

Oh Topher, where to start with you… Topher makes a very bad decision repeatedly for several weeks, along with some good decisions after the fact. The bad decision, sleeping with his best friends father while by far the worst had some very interesting positive effects on Topher’s life. He has many major issues going on in his head the entire time. His constant self doubt and pessimistic outlook on all things makes his pragmatic views normal to him. This kid simply has problems.

Jace is one of the few people to see Topher in a way Topher never saw himself. To say Jace is a soothing balm to Topher is an understatement. Jace is exactly what Topher has always needed in his life. The problem that Topher will continually run into is not knowing what to do with someone like Jace. Jace knows what he wants and is willing to keep pursuing Topher. Topher is conflicted at times about Jace. It’s almost one of those too good to be true things.

The secondary characters were great. The new friends that completely understood all things Topher were a little too convenient, understanding, and overly helpful at times. Yet they were great additions to the book. More importantly they were perfect additions in Topher’s life. He met some of the greatest people at a time in his life when he would need that kind of support network.

My one and only disappointment is Jace and Brendan and the division of their page time. I would have liked more Jace and Topher time and less Topher and Brendan time. I do however see and understand all the Brendan time. There is much that goes on between Topher and Brendan besides the obvious affair that will lead to all sorts of trouble. The whole thing and the snowballing effect his has in Topher’s problems keeps the books pace moving. I just liked Jace to the point I wanted more good times for him and Topher.

Favorite quote, Jace to Topher: “I think because whenever you’re within arm’s reach, it seems like my hands would feel more natural on you than they would hanging at my sides.”

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2 Responses to “Review: Saugatuck Summer (Saugatuck #1) by Amelia C. Gormley”

  1. christi snow

    This is one of those books that I’ve debated and debated. I love Amelia’s writing style, but I’m not a huge fan of the NA age group. But you may have just convinced me on this one. Great review, Vanessa! smiles…

  2. s0ph1ar0s3

    I got to read this one too. I was terribly impressed with the character, Topher, but at the same time, he totally wore me out with all that he was dealing with. It is one of those deep stories that will stick around in my brain a while.