Review: Savage Satisfaction by Lila Dubois

December 3, 2013 Review 1

Review: Savage Satisfaction by Lila Dubois

They belong to him, their lives the price of the protection he provides. William, Lord of Eahrington, is a modern man living a medieval life. For centuries his family has secretly protected Europe's werewolves and werefalcons. Once each generation a falcon and wolf are sent to Eahrington, pledged to spend their lives as his Hunting Pair. Scared by his past, William locks werewolf Christoffer and werefalcon Mirela away like animals. His fears are confirmed when the falcon savagely attacks him. Help comes from the enticing Christoffer. William must learn to deal with his unexpected feelings for Christoffer while trying to tame the beautiful Mirela. He'd intended to master them, but what's between them is too complex to be controlled. Destined to be together forever, their only hope at happiness is to learn to love one another, but first William must overcome his past.

Title: Savage Satisfaction
Author: Lila Dubois
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Source: Publisher
Published: November 8, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Menage
Pages: 185
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames

This erotic paranormal story is a romantic journey of self discovery and drama with BDSM elements.

William, Lord of Eahrington’s family has secretly protected Europe’s werewolves and werefalcons for generations.  And in return a wolf and a falcon are sent to Earhington to be pledged as his hunting pair once every generation.  Due an incident in his past, William has made strict plans for training his pair.  He intended to master them, but what is between them is too complex and for all of them to be happy is to learn to love one another.

The author grabs the reader’s attention immediately and doesn’t let go with this steady paced and smooth flowing plot.  The characters are compelling and complex with strong personalities that capture the reader’s imagination and find themselves more and more caught up in their lives as the drama unfolds.

The chemistry explodes off the pages and scorches the reader’s imagination as the picture each and every sex scene that has been described with vivid detail. The emotions of the characters are conveyed with an intensity that has the reader empathizing with them and understanding where each is coming from.  It even moved me to tears and a couple of points in the story.

The author has created a paranormal world of shifters with unique and refreshing elements that make this a must read.   There is frequent hot and steamy sex, menage a trios, m/m, sexual language and anal sex and lots of emotional conflicts to keep things very interesting.

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