Review: Saved By The SEAL (Battle Scars #2) by Diana Gardin

March 8, 2016 Review 0

Review: Saved By The SEAL (Battle Scars #2) by Diana Gardin

He saved her life. She showed him how to live it . . .

When he sees a woman drowning, Grisham Abbot immediately leaps into action. The Navy SEAL forgets his training, his past, and the explosion that forever scarred his body and his mind. He can only remember what he was born to do. But saving Greta Owen is a complication Grisham is definitely not ready for. She’s stunning and gorgeous—like sunlight after months of darkness. Yep, Grisham is so, so screwed.

Greta knows that the smart thing to do would be to run from Grisham. He’s a wounded warrior, and his head is a big-time mess. The problem is that Greta wants to make him her mess. One kiss and she’s completely in over her head. And if this SEAL risked himself to save her, then she must find a way to bring him back to life . .

Title: Saved by the Seal
Author: Diana Gardin
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Man of Honor, Saved By The Seal, Sworn to Protect, Promise To Defend
Series: Battle Scars #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Man of Honor, Saved By The Seal
Published by Forever Yours
Source: Publisher
Published: March 8, 2016
Genres: Erotic Romance, Military Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 352
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Stars: three-half-stars
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Diane Gardrin

Grisham just wants to be the hero in someone else’s story and Greta has had her share of them. Coming back from war missing a part of you will change anybody. It has been a long road for Grisham and he is finally accepting who he is now. Greta just wants to be there for her family since it is too much of a job for her father.

Saved by the Seal is book 2 in the Battle Scars series by Diana Gardin. This book can be read alone with some characters from the first book making an appearance. With any good military romance there is going to be a battle with the demons they had faced in their past as well as learning to cope being a civilian once again. Diana Gardin has done a great job so far with this book.

What I loved about this book was that it was light yet had an equal amount of suspense to keep you glued to the pages. Literally, I read this book in a few short hours which does not happen with an 350 page book. Character development is also a plus when dealing with military men because you just want them to see how amazing they really are. Loved that Greta is a chef and wants to make her own way despite her fathers best efforts to provide (in my opinion bribe) for her.

What I liked about Saved by the Seal was the supporting characters as they brought new dimensions to Gardin’s characters. The Beach. I’m a beach bum at heart and when reading a book surrounded by the beach has an instant place in my heart. And, I liked see how even though Grisham and Greta both had a ‘broken home’ it did not stop them from enjoying life.

What I didn’t like was the fact that Greta was looking for a way for Grisham to let her down. She is a strong character who knew what she wanted and how she was going to take it. It only takes one mistake and she bolts which she makes worse by literally rubbing Grisham’s nose in it.

In the end it was an enjoyable read that had me flipping to the next page to find more. I am excited for the next book and I hope it has Mea and Drake!

I was gifted a copy of this book from the JeepDiva in exchange for an honest review. The opinions and ratings of this book are my own.



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Forever RomanceAuthor Info

Diana Gardin is a wife of one and a mom of two. Writing is her second full time job to that, and she loves it! Diana writes contemporary romance in the Young Adult and New Adult categories. She’s also a former Elementary school teacher. She loves steak, sugar cookies, and Coke and hates working out.
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The stinging hot needles of Grisham’s shower feels heavenly as it washes the sand and salt off of my body. I smile to myself as I run my hands through my wet hair, remembering how amazing the day was. I’m also remembering how hot Grisham is on a surfboard. He’s such a natural out there, dipping low on his board when he needs to and riding each wave in effortlessly. He never once lost a wave.

It was an incredible day.

And now that same hot, sexy guy is waiting for me somewhere in his house while I shower. I can’t keep the smile off my face.

Suddenly, a warm hand slides around my waist until it rests on my stomach. I gasp as Grisham yanks me back against the hard planes of his wet body, and one of my arms immediately goes up to wrap around the back of his neck.

“You’re fucking beautiful,” he groans into my ear. I can feel it; he’s hard and ready for me, and I turn in his arms to face him.

I’m so not prepared for the sight of Grisham fully naked in the shower with me.

My eyes roam greedily from his broad, tattooed shoulders to the muscled wall of his chest. Then they drift down to the rack of abdominal muscles that could and should definitely be in a magazine. A trail of dark hair leads down to the impressive length of his cock, and a whimper escapes me. I pull my eyes away to travel down his thick thighs and cantaloupe-sized calf, before my gaze meanders lazily up his body once more.

And when I meet his gaze, I’m instantly wet and ready for him, more so than I’ve ever been before. Because the sight of a man that looks like Grisham devouring every inch of me in return is beyond hot.

“I’m done waiting,” he grinds out, just before his lips collide with mine.

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