Review: Saving the Space Pirate (Ruby Robbins Sexy Space Odyssey #3) by Nina Croft

April 15, 2017 Review 0

Review: Saving the Space Pirate (Ruby Robbins Sexy Space Odyssey #3) by Nina Croft

A few days ago, in a galaxy right here...

The earth faces total annihilation and one young woman signs up for a mission to rescue humanity. Only she ends up getting rescued herself, by a gorgeous space pirate. And the sex is out of this world!

Killian Sharpe, is in over his head. One minute, he’s a notorious space pirate with a price on his head. And now, he’s suddenly become one of the good guys. How did that happen? He can only think of one reason – sexy, spunky Ruby Robbins.

Ruby is thrilled that her mission is almost over. Not only will she have saved her planet, but she’ll finally be able to live happily ever after with the space pirate of her dreams.

But a tragic twist suddenly puts everything into jeopardy. And it’s up to Ruby, with Killian at her side, to change to world for good this time. She can only hope they both survive the ordeal…

Title: Saving the Space Pirate
Author: Nina Croft
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Series: Ruby Robbins Sexy Space Odyssey #3
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Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: April 17, 2017
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 93
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Finally, the end of Ruby and Killian’s story has come in Saving the Space pirate. No, they don’t die but they do have a few near misses along with a whole lot of sex. At this point in the series, it’s kind of a gimme.

We left of Killian and Ruby as they dove headfirst into Hell as they were trying to escape their pursuers. Aghhh! While we may have learned a lot about Killian in the previous books, this one is where we truly learn his history as a Helldiver. That and how he escaped. Since everybody thinks their dead, the chill for a while in a cave Killian had found and as to be expected, they go at it like bunnies. While they are hiding out, other slaves find them. However, these slaves are rebelling and agree to help out Killian and Ruby to both survive and to put an end to the slavery.

And I’m going to put a pin on it right there. Honestly, there is so much that happens in this book, so much excitement, you as a reader need to discover it for yourself. I will say this, this last book was by far the best of the three. This one has a more serious side, lots of things finally get explained, of course, Ruby and Killian get their HEA. Now you would think with an HEA the story would be complete, however, I feel there were still quite a few loose ends that were fuzzy in their answering.

So we have come to the end of the series, and frankly, I am relieved. There were a few subject matters (of the sexual variety) in these books that I really rather not have to read. Call them my hard limits of what I will put up with in my stories. I have read Nina Croft before and did enjoy her other books, however, they were more on the less humorous serious side. For fans of erotic Sci-Fi romance, this will probably be right up their alley.


Saving the Space Pirate


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