Review: Say Yes to the Scot: A Highland Wedding Box Set by Lecia Cornwall, Anna Harrington, May McGoldrick, and Sabrina York

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Review: Say Yes to the Scot: A Highland Wedding Box Set by Lecia Cornwall, Anna Harrington, May McGoldrick, and Sabrina York

How a Lass Wed a Highlander by Lecia Cornwall
In this retelling of The Princess and The Pea, Laird Alex Munro of Culmore has just five weeks to find a bride and marry her...or else the clan will be cursed with ill luck. Cait MacLeod finds herself caught in a clan feud, and when she tries to stop a deadly raid, she ends up as Alex Munro’s prisoner. With timing running out, is this couple meant to be?

A Match Made in Heather by Anna Harrington
She was the laird's daughter. He was nothing more than a penniless, nameless Scot with nothing to offer but his heart. Fate tore them apart, but now he's back in her life with status, money and a title. Can they let go of past hurts and find love?

A Midsummer Wedding by May McGoldrick
Their marriage was two decades in the making. The young, educated woman and her highland, pirate husband, betrothed when they were still children. But on the day of their wedding, Elizabeth Hay and Alexander Macpherson are in for a surprise.

The Scot Says I Do by Sabrina York
Catherine Ross's world is turned upside down when her brother gambles away every penny they own. But to make matters worse? He’s lost everything to none other than Duncan Mackay, the rugged Scot who Catherine loved for years--but he never noticed her, and now she positively loathes him. But her brother’s in danger of going to Newgate, and the despicable Duncan has a plan– she can claim back the money and save her brother. If she marries him…

Title: Say Yes to the Scot: A Highland Wedding Box Set
Author: Anna Harrington, Lecia Cornwall, May McGoldrick, Sabrina York
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Published by Swerve
Source: Publisher
Published: June 20, 2017
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 410
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Stars: three-half-stars
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How a Lass Wed a Highlander by Lecia Cornwall – 3.5 stars

An overall enjoyable story, the strength of this novella was definitely Duncan. He’s trying desperately to save his clan’s morale, and even their very lives, from a nasty neighbor who is bent on their destruction. I didn’t dislike the heroine – she was, perhaps, a bit too perfect, though. Cait had a terrible sense of direction, but that was about her only flaw. Heroines who are nearly perfect don’t make me want to jump into the story and be their best friend, so this was an okay read for me.


A Match Made in Heather by Anna Harrington – 1.5 stars

In this one (my least favorite story), two young lovers are torn apart by their stations in life. Arabel is the laird’s daughter, and Garrick is the penniless stablehand who is in love with her. Arabel is in love with him, too, but on the night they were set to elope, her brother does some horrible thing that forces her to choose to stay with her family. So, for this story, I understood why Arabel chose to stay with her family at that time. I mean, they’re weathering this crazy scandal that her brother’s created, and she’s just nineteen. She’s been brought up to believe that her mother and father always come first. But later, when she’s an adult, and she’s still exalting the awesomeness of her family when it becomes clear that her father ordered Garrick to be “taken care of” just speaks to serious control issues. Arabel also states that if she had to do it all her again, she’d again choose her family. To me, that showed a lack of character growth, as, in my opinion, a spouse should come before all else – parents included. I did not enjoy this story at all and felt Garrick deserved way better.


A Midsummer Wedding by May McGoldrick – 3 stars

This was one of my favorites in the set. Elizabeth is a sweet-natured, strong-backboned woman who’s been engaged to a faceless man her entire life. When she attempts to get out of the engagement, things go horribly wrong, and she finds herself spending a night alone with her betrothed. I loved loved LOVED how this heroine came clean almost immediately, as she didn’t want to be a liar to anyone. Elizabeth’s honesty won me over, and her fear of all things creepy-crawly was wonderfully done (McGoldrick somehow wove sexual tension into the story during a scene where there was a not-snake trying to makes its way down Elizabeth’s dress). Alexander was a strong hero; watching him decide that he was going to make Elizabeth his, all else be damned, was fun to watch.


The Scot Says I Do by Sabrina York – 4 stars

This was also one of my favorites. Sabrina York is a wonderful storyteller, and the backstory she gave these two had me rooting for them to get together almost from paragraph one! Catherine had a huge crush on Duncan when she was a child, but he put her firmly in the friend zone. She didn’t understand why at the time, but Duncan explained it to her (I do love when characters are actually ADULTS and, you know, talk things out). He was a penniless Scotsman, and Catherine’s father saw that Duncan was interested in his daughter, so he did what any father in the peerage would do – he sent Duncan away. YES!! This makes sense, because it’s how fathers acted back then!! So now Duncan’s back to woo Catherine, and he just happens to be the one who can keep her brother out of jail for debts owed. (Spoiler alert: The best part of that subplot was Duncan’s refusal to fix everything for the brother, who definitely came across as a wastrel.) I loved how we saw Catherine and Duncan move towards each other; in this novella, I felt that every word moved me closer to the resolution. No scene was unnecessary and no words were used as fillers. Great story!


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