Review: Scorched by Darkness (Dragons of Eternity #2) by Alexandra Ivy

March 22, 2016 Review 0

Review: Scorched by Darkness (Dragons of Eternity #2) by Alexandra Ivy

Book 2 in the USA Today Bestselling series, The Dragons of Eternity

As a half-breed dragon, Torque never had the luxury of choosing his future. Not only did his father barter him to the highest bidder, but a rare Shinto fey claimed to see him in a vision that involved recovering a lost treasure for the powerful dragon, Synge. A destiny that might have been bearable if the vision hadn’t included a mating with Rya, Synge’s half-breed daughter. Who could blame him for being resigned rather than thrilled with his fate?

Rya had enough of being treated like an unwanted burden by her betrothed. So when she learns her mother is missing, she doesn’t hesitate to leave the harem to try to find her. The last thing she expects is Torque to track her down. Or the explosive chemistry that ignites between them. Now they must work together to discover the dark threat that not only traps her mother, but has the potential to spread evil throughout the world.

Title: Scorched by Darkness
Author: Alexandra Ivy
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Series: Dragons of Eternity
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Published by Deborah Raleigh LLC
Source: Author
Published: March 22, 2106
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 309
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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I love these dragons. They are so arrogant. Some of the best romances come from those overly confidant guys being brought to heel by their females. Torque may be a half-breed but he is all dragon at heart. He is loyal to his master Baine. He thrives on being the fiercest warrior possible. He has also accepted his fate as a bartered piece of his dragon father’s horde. As part of that bargain he has been forced to prepare for his duty as betrothed to Synge’s half-breed daughter Rya.

Rya hasn’t been in the presence of her intended since their formal betrothal ceremony fifty years ago. His attitude then and his lack of contact since has more than shown her all she needs to know about his feeling towards her. She knows that he isn’t even remotely interested in their mating. Her Shinto mother’s vision is the only reason that she even has an intended mate. Her father is very interested in finding his missing horde. Synge is willing to barter his daughter to see that it is returned. Needless to say when the opportunity for Rya to leave her father’s harem she doesn’t even have to give it much thought, she’s gone.

A dangerous mixing of magic and a power hungry evil foe keep Rya and Torque in constant perilous danger. It also keeps them in close proximity, something they’ve never had before now. That closeness forces them to realize that there is something for them to explore going on between them. Those sexy discoveries will have to wait though as the trap they have been caught in is volatile and on the verge of collapsing. Scorched by Darkness is sexy, packed with action, and the mystery of what is beneath the ice keeps the pages turning. I’m looking forward to the next Dragons of Eternity book. I’m fascinated by the possibility of who the next couple most likely is.

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