Review – Sealed in Sin (The Vessel Trilogy #2) by Juliette Cross

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Review – Sealed in Sin (The Vessel Trilogy #2) by Juliette Cross

Sometimes sin looks an awful lot like heaven.

One demon prince may be festering in the bowels of the soul eater Cocytus, but Genevieve’s troubles are far from over. Prince Bamal, demon lord of New York City, still wants her. But this time, he wants her alive, to control her inherent power as a Vessel of Light.

With Jude Delacroix off searching for the prophecy, Thomas—a guardian angel with sea-green eyes and an aura of winter woods—steps into the gap, offering her the power to protect herself.

Yet she hesitates, for the transfer of that power comes through a kiss. While Gen’s love for Jude is true, Thomas stirs a desire where there should be none. Thomas also knows Jude’s darkest secret and plans to use it, if necessary, to win Gen for his own.

While her Vessel power grows and more demon spawn creep from every dark corner of the world, one thing is certain—the Great War between the angels and demons is quickly approaching. And Gen is in a race against time to awaken her full power before the storm breaks.

Warning: Contains a demon hunter with dark secrets, a sexy angel with ulterior motives, and demonic creatures running amok.

Title: Sealed in Sin
Author: Juliette Cross
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Series: The Vessel Trilogy
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Author
Published: April 21st 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 346
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Where to begin???!!!! My mind is so completely blown right now that I’m having a VERY hard time trying to form the words to express my love for this installment. And how the hell (LOL) am I supposed to do that without spoilers?!!!!!!!

This installment picks up about 2 months after the ending of the first Vessel. Gen is becoming stronger with her VS and has been successful in defending herself from the lower demons Kat and Jude have been using/baiting as training. But Kat thinks it’s time for Gen to expand her powers and takes her to NY for some training without Jude’s knowledge. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right? LOL

While in NY, Gen finds herself sifting with not one, but two different Flamma within minutes. At least the second Flamma doesn’t spike her VS to the dark side. But this Flamma isn’t the normal higher demon, nope, he’s the opposite. He’s an angel. So why the heck is he following Gen around and saving her? Not spoiling THAT piece of information. Nah uh. But what I WILL say about their little encounter is that it will literally change EVERYTHING between Gen and Jude.

Speaking of the hottest demon hunter and sinfully loving man, Jude keeps pulling me in to his spell. This man! Sigh. Another non-spoiler/spoiler…We learn some more about Jude’s past. We even learn of some things that he’s kept from Gen. But do we really care? I mean…it’s Jude. Ok. They are “kind of” bad, Not really THAT bad. I swear that man can do no wrong in my eyes.

Anyway…the end of the world is getting closer and closer and the “final” battle between good and bad seems right around the corner. The major issue is that the bad seem to have the missing piece to the prophecy and no one on the good side seems to know where to find it. Everyone can sense that time is running out and things are getting pretty desperate…on both sides.

Ok, a “little” spoiler here…CLIFF. HANGER. ALERT!!! Yep. Major cliffhanger. One that literally has me dying right now because it’s so big. In fact, it’s not even ONE cliffhanger…You’re dying aren’t you? Yep, I’ve got to go read the next one….sifting…

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