Review: Seconds to Live (Scarlet Falls #3) by Melinda Leigh

June 27, 2016 Review 0

Review: Seconds to Live (Scarlet Falls #3) by Melinda Leigh

Wildlife biologist Mac Barrett avoided his hometown of Scarlet Falls for years—too many bad memories. But when he receives the news that his father is dying, he rushes home only to discover he’s too late. Shaken, Mac retreats to his remote cabin seeking peace and solace. Instead, he crashes his jeep to narrowly avoid running over the naked body of a woman lying in the road. Even more disturbing, when he regains consciousness, the body is gone.

Police detective Stella Dane wants to believe Mac, even if his story about the vanishing body seems far-fetched. But when Mac’s description matches the missing woman she’s been searching for, it raises a disturbing question: How does a dead body disappear?

Mac and Stella will have to work together to find the answer and catch a psychotic kidnapper—and quickly. The killer has a deadly message to send, and the case is about to become personal.

Title: Seconds to Live
Author: Melinda Leigh
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Series: Scarlet Falls
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Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: June 28, 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 348
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames
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This right here is what amazing romantic suspense novels are all about for me. Melinda Leigh really did a superb job on this installment in her Scarlet Falls books. There are so many viable suspects here. I made my guess early on. I have to make my guess. Books that have a criminal element to them turn into some sort of a guessing game for me. I even had a slightly plausible motive for the character I picked. I was so completely wrong. The actual psycho here when it was revealed was a complete surprise. His motives made for some intense scenes. The killer was all about finding The One. I even made a guess at who The One would turn out to be and totally got that wrong too. Melinda has filled this book with shockers.

The baby Barrett finally gets his book. Mac is the youngest of the Barrett’s. He did the same as his siblings. He left Scarlet Falls, got an education, and didn’t look back much less return home. He fled to the Amazon jungles and his love of studying wildlife biology. He also took all the guilt with him of how he failed his family as a teen. At this point in the series it has been a little over fifteen months since they were all called home when one of their siblings was killed. Things have changed, everyone has gotten older, wiser, and now they are choosing to stay, to be a family again. Sadly it is one more death that has Mac returning home.

The newest detective on the Scarlet Falls Police Department’s team Stella Dane is tired of dead bodies turning up in her town. She still hasn’t fully got past what happened last fall that caused the death of two officers dead and left her with some serious anxiety where her firearm is concerned. Finding out that the very handsome Mac Barrett has possibly seen one of her victims is not what she needs. Her superior has issued his warnings about rogue Barrett’s interfering in a police investigation yet Stella like the idea of Mac near her to assist in her search for a killer. She enjoys even more that she is getting to know the man that Mac really is.

Now let’s talk about The Colonel for a small second. That man did not raise his children. He trained little soldiers for everything that could possibly ever happen to someone in the military. I could not imagine growing up in the Barrett house. His children are alive due to his methods though. You kind of want to dislike him for the things he put those children through but in the end you simply have to give him a fist bump.

Seconds to Live of course has some page time for Ellie and Grant, and Hannah and Brody. This family is finally getting back together and truly becoming a family thus Leigh gives some pages over to that. In true Barrett fashion though the siblings get out and ban together to bring down the criminal element that has infested their hometown.

*warning a Jeep was destroyed in the writing of this book*

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