Review: Secrets and Ink (Secrets #1) by Lou Harper

October 22, 2015 Review 0

Review: Secrets and Ink (Secrets #1) by Lou Harper

When Karma writes you a ticket, pay up or else...

If life was like the movies, Jem Mitchell's wouldn't be such a mess. In LA's glittering world of dreams, he works an unglamorous job at a gourmet grocery store. His past is so deep and dark, the details are lost even to him. All he knows is he was once cursed by a meter maid, and ever since, his love life has sucked.

When Detective Nick Davies becomes a regular at the store, Jem dares to hope he's un-hexed at last. He should have known that sex with a remarkably normal guy, devoid of weird fetishes and fatal personality flaws, was too good to be true.

During a post-encounter cuddle, Nick recognizes the tattoo on Jem's back—and remembers him as a young hustler he arrested nine years past.

As Jem's memories come crashing back, he flees from Nick, but fate contrives to keep pushing them back together. And when Jem's old partner in crime is found murdered, the stakes are raised for life, for love, and a dangerous drama with no guarantee of a Hollywood ending.

Warning: Stars a mild-mannered store clerk with a shady past, a hunky cop whose passion in the bedroom is as big as his passion for justice, and celebrity sightings you won't see on TMZ.

Title: Secrets and Ink
Author: Lou Harper
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Series: Secrets
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: December 10, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 128
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

Who would have thought that meter maids are capable of cursing people. Jem Mitchell doesn’t have any problems believing it, he’s living it. Life is rough but he makes do. He has gotten very good at rolling with the punches life throws at him. He knows his past mistakes have caused him some of his problems yet he knows that most of his current troubles come from the curse.

Nick to Jem “You need adult supervision.”

Nick may not believe that Jem is cursed but he has seen the solid proof that Jem has the most bizarre events happen around him. That doesn’t stop the detective from pursuing the cute guy from the grocery store. One hot encounter and a memory he wishes he didn’t have of an arrest nine years ago puts the brakes on and has Nick trying to move Jem back to the friend zone.

The opposites attract angle worked for Secrets and Ink. I won’t label Jem as goofy but his character is a bit of a mess. Some of the mess is that of his own creation. The other drama unfolding in Jem’s life is a direct result of some past mistakes. Nick is correct about Jem needing to be supervised. Nick is also more that willing to be that supervisor. The problem is the the strict rule follower knows that there are more reasons to stay away from Jem than there are reasons to seek him out. Attraction wins and makes for a fun and sexy romp through Hollywood.

Paranormal Romance
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