Review: Moonlight Seduction (Magical Seduction#7) by Stephanie Julian

September 1, 2015 Review 0

Review: Moonlight Seduction (Magical Seduction#7) by Stephanie Julian

One magical night...

It was only supposed to be one night. A night she’d never forget with two men determined to fulfill her every desire. One night for Nica to forget her obligations and her secrets. But after hours filled with sensually wicked exploration, an emotional connection she had no way of anticipating develops with the two gorgeous brothers. And a stranger with an ultimatum and a dangerous power forces her to reveal her own magic to save her new lovers.

Now Tanner and Jensen are drawn into a world they never knew existed by a woman whose abilities they can barely comprehend. But they won’t let the fact that they have no magic get in the way of protecting their woman. Even if it means sacrificing their lives.

Title: Moonlight Seduction
Author: Stephanie Julian
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Series: Magical Seduction
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Published by Moonlit Night
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: August 21, 2015
Genres: Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Menage
Pages: 132
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames
                I was very apprehensive going into Seduced by Two. I’ve read a handful of ménage. I discovered after reading a couple that I don’t particularly care for family members in the ménage mix. Jensen and Tanner are twin brothers. I decided that I would read them as best friends. That didn’t work out. The twin bond is very present plus both brothers touch on the fact that some see their sharing of lovers as perverse. Julian also writes into the story about how they enjoy sharing women, not each other. All of those factors worked out very well for me and I enjoyed the book very much!
                Tanner and Jensen share. They live together, work together and on occasion they enjoy the same lady’s company for some wickedly erotic hot sex. Nica has just been informed that her time has come to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She must now take over her mother’s role in the Etruscan society. She knew this day would come, she had just hoped she have some more time to enjoy her own life before.
                When Nica decides to have her last great night out she never imagined that she would be going home with two extremely hot brothers who guarantee her a night of erotic bliss. This is such a smutacular great read. Jensen and Tanner quickly decide they need more than one night with Nica. Once trouble finds Nica on their doorstep the twins immediately take action to ensure that they protect what they see as theirs.***m/f/m menage***
Paranormal Romance

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