Review: Seducing the Huntress (Nightmix #3) by Mel Teshco

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Review: Seducing the Huntress (Nightmix #3) by Mel Teshco

She wants to kill him. He wants to possess her body and give her ultimate pleasure.

Isabella suffered an unimaginable loss at the teeth and claws of a vicious nightmix. She grew up wanting nothing more than to hunt and kill every last shape shifting black panther in the kingdom.

What she doesn’t expect is to go from hunter to hunted. Never expects to be captured by the nightmix monster, Reuben, and taken to his cabin, where he plays her body like a finely tuned instrument. Their erotic connection is explosive, but Reuben is the enemy.

Or is he…

Title: Seducing the Huntress
Author: Mel Teshco
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Source: Publisher
Published: 28 March 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 81
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

Using what I have come to see as her evocative descriptive style, Mel Teshco brings the third installment in her Nightmix series and introduces a fresh new set of characters.  The ruling class of this world are cat-shifters, panthers to be exact, and in a curious contrast to the real world, the lighter cats are prized and respected while the black panther shifters are often shunned and hunted in cat form.

Again, we are dropped right into the action and it is less confusing for me this time as I am familiar with the set-up, but readers unfamiliar with this story may find difficulty in this, preferring to start the series with book one.  In this book we meet Isabella: a determined and emotionally damaged woman who despises all nightmix, and has made a personal vow to hunt them down to avenge her own losses.

When hunting a particularly elusive cat, she is injured and Reuben ( the cat and prince she was hunting) carries her back to his lodge to care for her while she heals.  Her confusion and distaste for the ‘thing’ the Reuben becomes is completely put at odds with his caring and tender regard.

As she heals, the two get to know one another, and Reuben’s desire for her becomes apparent, as she is still working out what she believes she should feel against what may be hiding beneath her realization.   Teshco manages to write a sensual scene with lush and evocative language and action that infuse the words with heat, and are easy for the reader to visualize.  These two are meant to be together – and their connection should be enough to overcome the obstacles.

The second in this series that I have read, again I found some holes in the information that should have been presented earlier to give a real sense of the characters: although having the experience of reading the 2nd book in this series did give me an idea of the society in which the characters live, and the difficulties the two could face in finding  a happy ending.  Still beautiful descriptions and language gave this story a flow that kept me reading, even if I didn’t always understand where we were heading.
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