Review: Seduction of the Phoenix by Michelle M Pillow

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Review: Seduction of the Phoenix by Michelle M Pillow

Zhang Dynasty 1: Seduction of the Phoenix
Futuristic, Multicultural Romance

Futuristic Romance
Part of the Dragon Lords' Series Universe of Books

A prince raised in honor and tradition, a woman raised with nothing at all. She wants to steal their most sacred treasure. He'll do anything to protect it, even if it means marrying a thief.

Prince Zhang Jin is a man raised in honor and tradition, so it is a great surprise when he is compelled to claim a stranger as his bride who has neither. Francesca La Rosa is hardly a match fit for a prince. Though beautiful, she is a thief with one thing on her mind--stealing the sacred Jade Phoenix of his people. But the mystery doesn't end there. With the aid of the spirits of his ancestors he must discover who this woman is, why she would destroy the Zhang Empire and most of all, if she could ever return the love that is growing in his heart.

This novel contains adult content. Must
be 18 years or older to read.

Title: Seduction of the Phoenix
Author: Michelle M Pillow
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Series: Zhang Dynasty
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Published by The Raven Books
Source: Publisher
Published: December 26, 2011
Genres: Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 272
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames

Prince Zhang Jin is forced to stand through yet another ceremony in search of a wife.  He doesn’t want a wife, neither do his bothers, but tradition dictates that he must go through the ceremony.  If he sees the woman that he is to marry, he will claim her and the rest of the etiquettes will follow.  That is until the ceremony is interrupted by the guards baring a thief that has attempted to steal one of the Zhang families artifacts, the jade phoenix.  The thief is Francesca de Rose and she is on a mission.  She has promised to steal the jade phoenix and won’t stop until she accomplishes her mission.  That is until Prince Jin steps forward and claims her as his bride.

The first chapter captured me.  I loved how Jin and Francesca meet and the grandfather is pretty funny.  Jin  is a man steeped in tradition.  His is gifted with understanding the past and when he is compelled to claim  Francesca against his families wishes, I liked him more.  He wasn’t especially happy with his fate but he accepted and made the best of it.  Francesca I didn’t like as well.  I understood how she came to her decisions but I generally just wanted to smack her for treating Jin like crap and always dismissing his culture.  I get that she was not used to his way of life but she didn’t have to be so disrespectful all the time.

Throughout most of the book, it seemed the relationship was more of a give on Jin’s part and taking on Francesca’s.  She is extremely secretive and deceitful and that just turned  me off her.  I kinda wish Jin had a woman more worthy of him.  There was some groveling at the end but I think Jin gave in too quickly.

The view of palace life was illuminating.  I couldn’t imagine having the constraints that this family lives with but they make it work.  I liked getting little pieces of the other siblings and the fact that Jarek, Mei and his crew had decent size parts was great too.  Some of the descriptions, while beautiful, seemed to slow the pacing of the story.  There was a lot of information about the characters clothing, décor ect and I felt that it wasn’t all needed.  I know the Asian culture that influenced the society has elaborate clothes and decorations but I would have liked a  little less description.

I am interested to see where this series will go.  It is different from the others I have read by Pillow in that there wasn’t much of a nefarious plot in this book. I felt it was more about learning to trust and love all the parts of a person than some sinister subplot.  Fen’s book is next!

Seduction of the Phoenix


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