Review: Sex, Sin, and Scandal (Sinners and Saints #2) by Rosalie Stanton

September 22, 2014 Review 0

Review: Sex, Sin, and Scandal (Sinners and Saints #2) by Rosalie Stanton

She can handle lusting after a target, but loving one might bring all of Hell to its knees.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

It’s an order that Luxi never saw coming. She is the Sin of Lust, and adultery is her bread and butter. Yet for the first time, Lucifer sends her on assignment under orders to keep her hands, and other parts, to herself.

Her target? A preacher-turned-politician…who happens to be sex on legs.

Since his wife’s infidelity, Grayson Bailey has avoided opening his heart to anyone. This changes when Luxi, his new intern, walks into his office. The intensity with which his heart and libido react makes for rotten timing. He is not one of those politicians. Yet nothing, not even the increasingly bold death threats in his inbox, can keep his mind—or his hands—off Luxi.

Resisting Grayson is the largest challenge Luxi has faced, and the more Lucifer dodges her questions, the more she wants to break the rules. Luxi knows the devil has an agenda and fears it involves a crazed assassin. With her heart compromised, Luxi is willing to do anything, even take on Hell itself, to save the life of the only man she has ever loved.

Title: Sex, Sin, and Scandal
Author: Rosalie Stanton
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Series: Sinners and Saints #2
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: September 26th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 280
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Sex, Sin, and Scandal by Rosalie Stanton was an absolute pleasure for me to read. Great characters, yummy sex, fast pace story and quick dialog are always a plus in my book. Throw in some unexpected surprises that kept me alternating between laughing and panting and I am one happy camper.

My initial impression of Luxi was brat. I mean when her boss/father sends her off on her latest assignment, she was so whiny until she got a credit card. It wasn’t long before I knew better. Of course when her assignment is Grayson with a ‘look but no touch’ order you just know that little no touch was going to be quite the test for the little Sin of Lust. Now Grayson, he was quite the adorable one. Innocent preacher, but not too innocent that he didn’t know what he was doing (Wink-wink!). Things do get yummy hot between Luxi and Grayson. However, that isn’t the only thing going for they. Quick witty banter and compromising positions help to move this couple and story along. My favorite part of the book – when Luxi and John meet for the very first time and Grayson’s reaction. I’ve gone back to it several times and it just gets funnier with each reading.

As for the rest of the secondary characters…LOVED THEM!!! I’m probably going to go to H3LL for this but I just love these stories where Lucifer/Satan/Devil (pick any one of those names) are portrayed as a more likable character versus a BE ALL EVIL entity…especially when humor is thrown in. Haven’t quite figured out if Big J is suppose to come off as an ass but he certainly wasn’t my favorite character (Ducks to avoid lightning bolt). I’m really hoping the rest of Luxi’s siblings get their own stories. Some no matter how much of a pain in the behind they came off as in the beginning, I adored them at the end. (Hello Gula!)

This is my first book by Ms Stanton and certainly will not be the last. Her story telling, sex scenes and characters all rate a winner-winner, chicken dinner rating from me. If you’re not reading Sex, Sin, and Scandal or Rosalie Stanton then you should. If you are then you’re probably as anxious as I am for the next book to come out. Can’t wait!


Sex, Sin, and Scandal
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