Review: Shades of Moonlight (Lucani Lovers #6) by Stephanie Julian

February 13, 2016 Review 0

Review: Shades of Moonlight (Lucani Lovers #6) by Stephanie Julian

Wolf shifter Race Aragon knows Mara Marrucini is meant to be his, in bed and out. And he’s not about to let anyone or anything get in his way of protecting her and her baby. She’d been the prisoner of a madman and has the emotional scars to prove it. Now that she’s free, he’s going to make damn sure she gets to live her life—with him at her side.

Mara adores Race. He’s the first man to make her feel like a woman. To make her feel protected. His touch ignites her desire but she fears for his safety. Her presence in his life puts him in the crosshairs.

But with her son’s life on the line, Mara trusts no one but Race to keep them both safe. And to care for her heart—always.

Title: Shades of Moonlight
Author: Stephanie Julian
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Series: Lucani Lovers
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Published by Moonlit Night
Source: Author
Published: February 8, 2016
Genres: Erotic Fantasy Romance, Erotic Paranormal Romance, Menage
Pages: 92
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Stars: four-stars
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I have to admit I was little nervous going into Shades of Moonlight. The last readers saw Mara she was having a baby. I have found in most books that the baby distracts from the love story of the main characters and that is the main reason I read romances. I love the pursuit and the road to the happily ever after. The baby always seems like excess baggage to me. I LOVED Arin. His role actually gave the story some interesting momentum towards where the Etruscan world is headed. His uniqueness is highly entertaining as well.

Race and Mara finding their common ground was charming. Race is quite the attentive man when it comes to Mara. She brings out a different side of him. He has always been the stoic warrior. He knows what his natural abilities are and he has honed those skills. He has never found a woman interesting enough to make him want to be the best lover and partner possible. Mara brings that urge out in him even though she does not even realize it at first.

Readers meet a very scared and emotionally damaged Mara in Grace in Moonlight. Even though she has been free of the Mal that did this to her she has some serious trust issues. Race is a soothing presence for her. She feels safe when he is around. Her many self-doubts leave her unsure how to deal with him though. Even though Race has always kept he distance he is always there. A turn of events allows him the opportunity to step into her life more fully and neither one of them are will to let this chance pass them by.

Readers are treated to a wonderful love story that shows two individuals truly do make a whole. Race and Mara bring out a side in each other that they never knew existed. They are so deserving of each other. Every time I get to escape to Stephanie’s Etruscan world I am sad to see it end. I love how her various series (Forgotten Goddesses, Lucani Lovers, Magical Seduction, and Darkly Enchanted) that revolve around the Etruscans loosely tie into each other. Now I must impatiently for another to come out. If you’re looking for a unique world to lose yourself in this is definitely one to check out.

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