Review: Sharp Bite of Pleasure (Pleasure Bite) by K.T. Grant

August 3, 2013 Review 1

Review: Sharp Bite of Pleasure (Pleasure Bite) by K.T. Grant

Sometimes the sharpest bite brings the sweetest pleasure.

Alexa Dangelis has returned home after eight long years to attend her father's funeral and take the throne as vampire queen of the East Coast. The public believes their king committed suicide, but Alexa knows better--he was murdered, and she's determined to prove her half-brother did it.

Werewolf Penny Seiler was once Alexa's secret lover, until Alexa betrayed her to marry the vampire king of the West Coast. When they meet again, sparks fly.

While Alexa focuses her attention on regaining Penny's trust and love, her half-brother plots to wrest the throne from Alexa's control. To stop him from destroying the capital city and her future with Penny, Alexa must broker a peace treaty with the werewolves and convince the vampire community werewolves are more than mere animals.

CONTENT WARNING: Sharp bites, sweet kisses, and death defying acts of the immortal kind.

Title: Sharp Bite of Pleasure
Author: K.T. Grant
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Series: Pleasure Bite
Published by Lyrical Press
Source: Publisher
Published: July 25, 2013
Genres: Female Female Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 180
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Reviewed by Angelique

A long time ago Alexa hurt Penny deeply. She shunned her, trampled on her feelings and left her behind. Her only excuse – she was young, inexperienced, and like any woman really, scared of her mother. Alexa suddenly returns into Penny’s life. Alexa has a big task ahead of her. First, she needs to broker a peace deal, not only between Vampires and Werewolves, but also between herself and Penny. Will Penny forgive her? And more importantly will the whole peace deal go up in flames?

Was a really slow start. Which was really disappointing. It had such a fun cast of characters. Between Penny, her brothers and Alexa and her mother this made for such a nice group. After the initial slow start however, it was a rather exciting read. Enough action to keep a girl going through a cold winter night. And not so much as to make me cower under hubby’s protective arms.

It also has a really interesting story line. Watching the Vampire’s trying to work things out with Werewolves wasn’t really anything new, but it was done it such a way that I didn’t feel cheated. And the book had a really interesting ending.

It took some time to get through it, but in the end it was really worth it.


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