Review: She Can Kill (She Can… #5) by Melinda Leigh

December 7, 2015 Review 0

Review: She Can Kill (She Can… #5) by Melinda Leigh

Reformed assassin Cristan Rojas just wants to raise his daughter in peace. But after twelve years on the run, he learns that even the quiet little town of Westbury, Pennsylvania, has many hidden dangers. Although he can’t shake the feeling he’s under surveillance, Cristan’s attraction to Sarah Mitchell continues to grow, as do his concerns that his secret past could jeopardize anyone who gets too close to him.

Sarah is ready to start her life over with her children, a new job, and a budding romance. Her newfound happiness is threatened when her ex-husband becomes increasingly violent—and she soon learns her ex isn’t the only person stalking her.

Cristan fears someone from his past has arrived in town, someone far worse than a jealous ex. Someone who may be responsible for a brutal—and unsolved—murder a dozen years ago. To protect Sarah and his daughter, he must shine a light into the darkest recesses of his nightmarish past.

Title: She Can Kill
Author: Melinda Leigh
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Series: She Can
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Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: December 8, 2015
Genres: Romantic Suspense
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: two-half-flames

Readers first meet Sarah in She Can Tell, the second book in Melinda Leigh’s She Can series. Even with that many books between She Can Kill still easily works as a stand-alone. I was happy to see that not only does Sarah get a happily ever after but he comes in the form of a tall dark and handsome knight in shiny Mercedes. Sarah deserves it. She is still contending with an abusive husband even though he is an ex at this point. She’s struggling to build a life focused on her girls and centered on her independence. Having a crush on her babysitters father happens to be a small piece of normalcy in her new life.

Lie low, don’t draw attention to oneself, and live a lawfully honorable life. This is Cristan’s everyday. He’s trying to hide his past. He only wants for his daughter to have the best life possible. He knows there is blood on his hands that he can never wash off. He knows that since he left his life behind twelve years ago that he has made a completely different life for his child. He just feels it is not enough. He knows it is not enough when things that appear to be a coincidence to most hit too close to home for him. The moment he knows that his past has come to kill his present his instincts tell him to go on the offensive, but the good father in him has him looking out for the daughter that started the changes in him to begin with.

This is the She Can book where evil, eviler, and evilest all vie for the attention of the readers while plotting sinisterly nefarious things on the main characters. I enjoyed Cristan and Sarah. I LOVED the evil doers and just how far they would go in their schemes even more. Some of the motives were clear. Some of the whys didn’t make too much sense. It all made for a suspenseful read.

Paranormal Romance
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