Review: Shockwave (Impulse #1) by Sierra Cartwright

November 17, 2016 Review 0

Review: Shockwave (Impulse #1) by Sierra Cartwright


Book one in the Impulse series - The new and expanded version

There can only be one victor…

He vows to personally deal with her…

When Master Nathaniel Stratton catches Alani Dane, a professional submissive, yawning during a scene with one of his club’s most prestigious members, he vows to personally deal with her.

In order to claim her…

Nathaniel works to shatter the emotional barriers she’s erected to keep her heart safe and takes the biggest gamble of his life to claim her for his own.

But she’s no man’s submissive…

He alternately thrills and terrifies Alani. Even though she craves the intense release that subspace brings, at heart, she’s no man’s submissive. In this intense battle of wills, dominance and submission, love and commitment, he’s determined to tear down the walls around her heart.

Title: Shockwave
Author: Sierra Cartwright
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Series: Impulse #1
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: November 15th 2016
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 231 pages
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames
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Shockwave is a straight-forward BDSM romance!  Sierra Cartwright is a master at creating this type of novel and this is no exception!

Alani is a professional sub at her BDSM club, Limits, where she works.  She does the accounting books by day and plays with various Doms by night. She is a masochist and only submits to a Dom in order to get the pleasure she draws from the pain they inflict.  When Master Nathaniel, one of the club owners, witnesses her yawning and rolling her eyes during a scene, he decides she is need of re-training.  He decides he should be her trainer.

I really enjoyed how Sierra portrayed Alani.  She did a great job of making me understand what it did to Alani to receive the pain she do desperately wants and ultimately needs.  She explained it as it hurts and you know it hurts, but it releases something in you. So you want it and crave it.  The pain allows you to focus and let go of everything that is going on in your life.  Master Nathaniel seems to do that for Alani.  He says he’s not a sadist.  He truly just enjoys giving Alani want she needs for herself. And when she flies, he’s enamored with her. She’s unlike any submissive he’s ever had.  He’s never collared a sub, but he wants it all with Alani.

Alani likes Master Nathaniel and his flogger wielding ways.  She’s a self-proclaimed pain slut so she tries to push Master Nathaniel’s buttons to get him to punish her-thereby getting the pain she really wants.  If she has to fake submitting for awhile then that’s what she’ll do.  But Master Nathaniel is having none of it. He sees right through her manipulation and does exactly opposite of what Alani expects.  He is a tough master and wants her to submit to him the proper way-not the way she’s handled the weaker Doms at the club.  As he expects more and more from Alani, he breaks down her emotional barriers one by one. They share a emotional connection so deep it literally scares both of them.  Soon they do not want to be without the other. But is Alani ready to be all that Master Nathaniel wants of her??

I loved Master Nathaniel!  Hot as hell and sex on a stick!  The sex scenes are uber hot and left me needing a cold drink! Whew! Where can I find a Master Nathaniel?? I loved their romantic journey!  As this is the first book of the Impulse series, I am hoping the next book involves Master Braxton and Karyn!  I want him to be happy and at the end of this book, he’s downright miserable!!


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