Review: Signs of Attraction by Laura Brown

July 5, 2016 Review 0

Review: Signs of Attraction by Laura Brown

Do you know what hearing loss sounds like? I do.

All my life I've tried to be like you. I've failed.

So I keep it hidden.

But on the day my world crashed down around me, Reed was there.

He showed me just how loud and vibrant silence can be, even when I struggled to understand.

He's unlike anyone I've ever known. His soulful eyes and strong hands pulled me in before I knew what was happening.

And as I saw those hands sign, felt them sparking on me, I knew: imperfect could be perfect.

Reed makes me feel things I've never felt. It's exciting...and terrifying.

Because he sees me like no one else has, and I'm afraid of what he'll find if he looks too closely.

The only thing that scares me more than being with him? Letting him go.

Title: Signs of Attraction
Author: Laura Brown
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Published by Avon
Source: Publisher
Published: June 14, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: 233
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As lame as this sounds, I actually decided to read Signs of Attraction because of DWTS. I’ve the seen the book pop up a few times in my feed and found the cover and blurb interesting. I passed on it because I usually don’t read NA or contemporary romances. However, after being trapped at my friend’s house watching DWTS, the subject of deafness was on the forefront of my brain. So once again, I checked out the blurb and decided to give it a chance.


Wow…just, wow. This was a fairly amazing read. The two main characters are Reed, who is Deaf, and Carli, she’s Hard of Hearing. Reed is sure of himself, comfortable in his Deafness, charming, funny, attractive…you get the picture. Carli, on the other hand, is struggling with her situation, trying to hide it, trying to fit in, and very uneducated in the world of hearing loss. She never felt she fit in with her hearing family, never had their support. The moment she lays eyes on him, she zinged! He’s coming off a bad relationship and is not sure if he’s ready to try again but there is something about her fragileness that draws him in.


I’m trying to put my finger on what was it about this book that did it for me and then it hits me, it has the whole package. Heartbreaking and honest, moments of funny intermixed with pain, the gradual building of their relationship, the inner pains they each face. This beautiful story is told from dual first person POVs so, we the reader, really get to experience all their pains and emotions. There a nice build-up in that lured me in, a quiet strength to these characters that makes it hard not to like them. There, of course, is plenty of angst (we are dealing with college students) but along the way there is steamy moments, enlightenment, romance that all climax into a HEA that even a non-NA reader like me can sigh over.


So I’m not going to lie and deny the whole Deaf and Hard of Hearing subjects weren’t a big draw for picking up Signs of Attraction. Yes, it had me curious. I’m always interested to see how authors tackle delicate subjects. I’m giving author Laura Brown a standing O for how she approached presented the subject on top of giving me quite the education. In all honesty, I thought Deaf and Hard of Hearing were one and the same, just different ways of describing hearing loss. I’m not calling myself on expert but I now have a better understanding. A big thank you to Ms. Brown for giving me an education and a beautiful story to enjoy.


Make sure you pick up a copy for yourself. Signs of Attraction by Laura Brown is very much worth reading.



Signs of Attraction
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