Review: Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10) by Patricia Briggs

March 10, 2017 Review 0

Review: Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10) by Patricia Briggs

In the #1 New York Times bestselling Mercy Thompson novels, the coyote shapeshifter has found her voice in the werewolf pack. But when Mercy’s bond with the pack—and her mate—is broken, she’ll learn what it truly means to be alone...

Attacked and abducted in her home territory, Mercy finds herself in the clutches of the most powerful vampire in the world, taken as a weapon to use against alpha werewolf Adam and the ruler of the Tri-Cities vampires. In coyote form, Mercy escapes—only to find herself without money, without clothing, and alone in the heart of Europe...

Unable to contact Adam and the rest of the pack, Mercy has allies to find and enemies to fight, and she needs to figure out which is which. Ancient powers stir, and Mercy must be her agile best to avoid causing a war between vampires and werewolves, and between werewolves and werewolves. And in the heart of the ancient city of Prague, old ghosts rise...

Title: Silence Fallen
Author: Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson #10
Published by Ace
Source: Author
Published: March 7, 2017
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 379
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Stars: five-stars
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This is my very first book in the Mercy Thompson series and I am wondering how I am just discovering it now. Oh Em Gee! It was freaking AWESOME! This here exactly is the kind of series I live for. So much action, twists and turns that keep me guessing, but the main thing is Mercy. Strong but slightly flawed, honestly I haven’t been this excited about a character since Cat.

Let me start with what drew me in to read a well-established series that I had no knowledge of: the blurb. A coyote shifter mated to an alpha werewolf and abducted by a vampire who then escapes and finds herself alone in Europe. Whoa! That’s a lot to take in and yet, it hit all my curious buttons. Why would vamps take her and why would a coyote be with a werewolf? Well, I got my first question answered but I think the answer to the second would lay somewhere in one of those unread volumes.

Anyhow, can I just say how much I like Mercy! The story is told mainly from her first person POV and gave me quite the nice introduction to her. The situation she finds herself in, being abducted, is dangerous and yet, she manages to find a way to getaway. And may I just add they way she managed to get away from Lenka, had me gasping and chuckling at the same time. Very resourceful!

That resourcefulness pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the book. Despite not understanding all the players (Now who exactly is this Matt Smith?) I still enjoyed them. There’s plenty of twists and harrowing moments for Mercy to keep things moving at a fast pace. The further I got into the book, the harder it was to put down.

I know others have talked about a big reveal at the end and for others, I’m sure it was a shocker. Unfortunately, as I’m new to the series, I didn’t think it was a big deal and that is totally my fault. Maybe after starting the series from the beginning, my opinion will change. And I WILL start this series from the beginning! Patricia Briggs has found herself a new fan, one that will be sharing this series.



Silence Fallen
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