Review – Silenced Memories (Hidden Truths #1) by Brittney Sahin

May 21, 2016 Review 0

Review – Silenced Memories (Hidden Truths #1) by Brittney Sahin

**Stand-alone romance suspense novel**

Kate Adams has never found it difficult to keep a professional relationship with her clients . . . but then she’s never had a client like Michael Maddox. From the moment she arrives in Charlotte, Kate is tongue-tied by the devastatingly gorgeous former Marine and intelligence genius turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Michael seems at first glance to be the perfect catch, except for one problem. He doesn’t do relationships. And Kate doesn’t do one-night stands.

But as the tension mounts between them, Kate discovers she has larger problems—an untraceable stalker . . . and a dangerous past. When Michael offers his protection, Kate is grateful, and yet afraid. For as they grow closer, she realizes that Michael has his own secret past. And while he might save her life, he will surely break her heart.

Silenced Memories is a stand-alone romance suspense novel in the Hidden Truths series. Hidden Truths: Each stand-alone novel is riddled with mystery and romance, as lies and corruption are unraveled to reveal the truth.


Title: Silenced Memories
Author: Brittney Sahin
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Series: Hidden Truths
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Innocence & Betrayal
Source: Author
Published: August 19th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 275
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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As a reviewer, you’re given a list of books to pick and choose from. You read the blurb, look at the cover and make a decision on whether you’re interested in diving in to the that particular world. I have to admit that when this book came up for “auction” (intended pun), I didn’t grab it. Not because it didn’t sound interesting, but because my plate was already pretty full. But guess what? I got it and am happy I had the chance to read it. There was so much more to the this story than the blurb indicated…and I’m happy I didn’t know about them before reading it.

Kate is an event planner who has been hired by the sister of a mega millionaire (without his knowledge) to plan a fundraiser for the company. After being convinced that this event would be for a good cause, she agrees to do it, with only one week to get things in order. Ok, it doesn’t hurt that she gets to look at the one and only Man of Steel himself, Michael Maddox. Boy of boy you can feel the sexual tension in the air from the very moment the meet…well, both times they “meet”. So you can only imagine how difficult planning an event is when you’re surrounded by all that hotness.

Michael hates being in the limelight. He doesn’t like drawing attention to himself and he sure as heck isn’t interested in being put up for auction at a charity event he didn’t even want. But there’s something about Kate that makes him putty whenever she asks for something. So whatever Kate wants…Michael is also the kind of guy that doesn’t “do” relationships. Too bad Kate is the kind of girl who “only” does relationships. Michael just doesn’t think he has anything to offer when it comes to commitments. So why can’t he keep his hands to himself? What’s up with the jealousy? She just might be the death of him.

As if the stress of planning an event within a week wasn’t enough to drive anyone crazy, Kate has a stalker who’s putting not only fear in her life, but has dug up some issues from her past that has Kate completely questioning who she is and where she’s come from. This was written so well that the stories within the stories intertwined seamlessly. Which made the book seem shorter than it really was. All in all, this was a good suspense read with just right amount of romance.

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