Review: Sins of Yesterday (Sinners and Saints #4) by Rosalie Stanton

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Review: Sins of Yesterday (Sinners and Saints #4) by Rosalie Stanton

Someone ordered the apocalypse, and it’s not who you’d expect.

With the world literally on the brink of annihilation, Invidia, the Sin of Envy, is tasked with finding the renegade Guardian responsible for opening one of the Seven Seals. The good news? Each of the Seven Seals needs to open to trigger Armageddon. The bad news? Two already have, and the mastermind behind the apocalypse remains untold steps ahead.

As a Guardian of the Seals, Roman has never explored the human world. He’s never known the touch of a woman, either, until one seduces him into betraying his duties. Overwhelmed with guilt for succumbing to temptation, Roman sets out to stop the apocalypse, prepared to sacrifice everything for redemption.

He’s not prepared, however, for Invi, who embodies the very definition of forbidden fruit.

When Invi encounters Roman, he’s not what she expects. Aside from being ripped from the pages of her secret fantasies, he’s more victim than villain. And when the other Seals start to open, she has no choice but to team up with the sexy Guardian to find the true culprit. That’s the easy part. The real challenge is keeping her hands to herself.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.
Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Title: Sins of Yesterday
Author: Rosalie Stanton
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Series: Sinners and Saints #4
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Sex, Sin, and Scandal, Deliverance from Sin
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: June 23, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 319
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

I have completely botched reading this series in its proper order. Missed book 1. Loved book 2. Wait there’s a book 3? Which brings me to book 4 – Sins of Yesterday. Having finished the book just moments ago I have my AHA moment on the meaning behind the title. Long time ago, like at the beginning of creation ago, there was Big J and Luc. Big J created Adam and then Lilith. Apparently Lilith was kinda of a bi-otch. Adam complained to Big J so he created Eve (Woman 2.0). Luc being the big softy he is took pity on Lilith and….didn’t destroy her. Big mistake! HUGE!! Flash forward to now, Armageddon is at hand. But not by Big J or Luc. No they put in place a reset button, if you will, of Seven Seals. Just in case they every wanted to wipe out Ethe world and start all over again. And someone is now opening them one by one. Hmmm, I wonder who…?

When I first discovered this series, I absolutely fell in love with it. Any author that refers to God and Lucifer as Big J and Luc you know has a sense of humor. I just knew this was going to be blast to read…and I was RIGHT! The Sinners and Saints series has been a real treat. It’s got all these little twists and intrigue mixed in with fun characters and hot sex. This particular book’s main players are Invi and Roman. Invidia, the Sin of Envy, is on the hunt to find the Guardian who opened the first seal. Having been around for a long time there isn’t much she hasn’t seen before. Roman, who has been around since the beginning of the seals, had been tasked with guarding the seal in Rome. His only job for thousands of years is to stand in a cave and guard the seal. That’s it. Nothing else. He has had no contact with anyone since Big J and Luc placed him in the cave. Ever. Talk about a newbie! His unfortunate first encounter with another person turns out to be not so good for the world.


Invi is a fun sassy character. Her first encounter with Roman had me giggling. Roman, poor guy has no clue he was being played by the seal breaker. But oh boy is he a fast learner. Once he and Invi get together things certainly got interesting. Luc said don’t touch to Invi and, well, she’s a Sin. She supposed to be bad, however I found her to be good. She definitely has a soft spot for Roman. They were a easy couple to like. Her so worldly, him not so much but yet, they had a connection that was easy to love.


Now while this is a romance, there’s also a mystery going on, a Armageddon to stop and lots of extra players that made this book a whole lot of fun. We get to revisit with the Sins from the previous titles, which is always a plus for me. Then there’s the whole bromance between Big J and Luc. It’s hard to tell what I enjoyed more the romance or the bromance. The race to stop Armageddon was a absolute hoot. All the adventure and intrigue had me racing through the book to find out what happens next. When I actually finished reading Sins of Yesterday I felt like I had read three different books. One with Invi and Roman’s romance, one about the Armageddon and how they stop it, and the last the bromance. It was a complete win-win-win for me. A series very much worth recommending for lovers of PNRs. And then I hit the Epilogue. Really, I thought the series was done. But now, I’m not so sure. Author Rosalie Stanton has dangled one heck of a carrot in front of me here. I’m dying to find out if there will be more to this series. Waiting, hoping, wishing there is.


Sins of Yesterday

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