Review: Smitten With Death (Max Logan #3) by Sharon Saracino

November 17, 2015 Review 1

Review: Smitten With Death (Max Logan #3) by Sharon Saracino

A year after the death of her ex-husband and boyfriend, Roger-the-Proctologist, Max has accepted the loss and moved on. Well, at least she’s tried, but a dating pool consisting mostly of weekend golfers in plaid polyester has left her unenthusiastic about her prospects. When Morgan Kane, the sexy Hellhound Grim Reaper, suddenly reappears seeking her assistance to rescue the bumbling teenage Zombie King from Cerberus' filthy paws, Max realizes that maybe she was holding out for snug denim all along. But a trip to Hell during Vegas Week, with Lucifer masquerading as a tone-deaf Wayne Newton and Kane’s psychotic mother as Satan’s Showgirl Bride, isn’t exactly her idea of the perfect date. In Hell, everything has a price, and though Max discovers she’s already paid dearly, if she and Kane are to succeed, another sacrifice is required. Will Max finally get her happily-ever-after or will she lose the man she loves to the Sweet Hereafter? Again.

Title: Smitten With Death
Author: Sharon Saracino
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Series: Max Logan #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Death Benefits, Life After Death
Published by Wild Rose Press
Source: Author
Published: February 20, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 230
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: one-flame

When I originally read the blurb for Smitten With Death, I expected a dark or twisted PNR. Dark and twisted is far from what I got. Try laugh out loud sarcasm, with a heavy side dose of smart mouth all served on a side of sass. Once I started reading OMG I could not stop LAUGHING!!! There were so many zingers and smarmy comments I knew not only I wanted Max as my new best friend but that I needed to get the first two books in the Max Logan series.

As I mentioned earlier I missed reading the first two books in the series so I walked into this book blind. Not a problem because Ms. Saracino did a real good job of blending in what previously happened in small doses without giving it all away. In a nutshell, Max has accepted the loss of her ex-husband/boyfriend and is attempting to move on with her life. She’s been avoiding all contact from Hellhound Grim Reaper Morgan but when Mr. Sex On A Stick pops in at her sister’s wedding asking for help retrieving Buddy the Zombie King from Hell, she reluctantly agrees.

After spitting my coffee out a few times, I knew before I finished the first chapter I was going to love this book. I absolutely adore Max! She pops out smarmy zingers so fast as she’s dealing with her currently life. Of course, since this story is told in 1st person POV, you also get to enjoy her inner monologs. She has a few issues she needs to deal with, with one of them being having died but not staying dead. There’s quite a few secondaries that are added bonus from her blonde, but not ditzy sister, to Granny-Apple-Head, to Lucifer masquerading as a tone-deaf Wayne Newton that help keep the har-har rolling along. Then there is Morgan. Mmmm… hubba-hubba! And he’s no slouch in the witty banner either. Their journey to Hell to retrieve Buddy is loaded with pitfalls and prats that at any other time can come out hokey, but in this case, was the perfect blend of wit and revelation. All this fun is rolled up into a book once I started, there was no putting it down.

Smitten With Death is my very first book by author Sharon Saracino and I know most definitely not the last. Rarely do I fall in absolute love with a book right away but once I got started with Smitten With Death I knew it was going to be a winner. Consider this a book well worth read and get yourself a copy now.


Smitten With Death

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