Review – Snow Blind (Julie Collins Mystery Book 4) by Lori Armstrong

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Review – Snow Blind (Julie Collins Mystery Book 4) by Lori Armstrong

The PI business is sluggish during the frigid winter months. When a young woman hires Wells/Collins Investigations to poke around at her grandfather’s assisted living facility, we expect a routine case. But my partner Kevin and I immediately spot major problems at the complex with lax security, unqualified healthcare personnel and a shady senior citizen volunteer agency.

Meanwhile, a blizzard traps me at the Collins ranch alone with my father, leaving me no escape from the biting cold and my bitter memories. After I return from snowbound hell, I learn that our client’s grandfather wandered off during the blizzard. Questions arise about who inherits the dead man’s sizeable estate, and Kevin and I fear we’ve been snowed.

As if that’s not enough to make my blood boil, a missing ranch hand’s body is unearthed on my dad’s land, forcing me to examine my family loyalty. And when Tony Martinez’s power struggles within the Hombres’ organization places us both in mortal danger, I question whether I’ve been blinded to the cold hard truths in my life by love or by hate.

As I plow through secrets and lies, my discovery chills me to the bone and I realize someone wants to put the past—and me—on ice permanently.

Title: Snow Blind
Author: Lori G. Armstrong
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Blood Ties, Hallowed Ground, Shallow Grave
Series: PI Julie Collins #4
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Blood Ties, Hallowed Ground, Shallow Grave
Published by Ridgeview Publishing
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: March 15, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Crime Drama, Motorcycle Theme, Mystery, Suspense
Pages: 497
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Trying to write reviews about Lori Armstrong’s PI Julie Collins’ Series is challenging even though I love every book.  The books are so similar in their complexity, character development, intrigue and relationships that I tend to use the same superlatives to describe them all.  Armstrong creates page turners every time.  I devoured the whole series within a few days completing one books and jumping right into the next.

Snow Blind is everything I expect from this series.  I grew up in Wyoming, not far from the Black Hills and have lived too many brutal winters exactly like the one that is the setting for this book.  Armstrong describes the horrors of wind, cold and driving snow with amazing realism.  I felt like I was living it again.

The weather is just one more problem is Julie’s already stressful life.  Though she doesn’t want to take the case, she can’t do anything less than solve the mystery of the assisted living facility the client’s grandfather lives in.  This case isn’t the only dilemma Julie is faces with is sadly the norm in her life.  When she finds several dead bodies, under completely unrelated circumstances, case or not, she has to find answers.

Julie must also face problems within the Hombres which have Tony on edge.  Since he won’t talk to her about it, she has no idea why he’s being so possessive and in typical Julie fashion she gets her back up and fights the protection he’s put on her.  When Tony is hurt, she’s easily persuaded to help his men find the assailant.  It also brings Julie to finally admit how much she cares for Tony.  I cheered when they admitted their relationship was permanent.

There’s tons more stress with her dad and her step-family, including one of the dead bodies, that Julie must deal with too.

Watching Julie confront and pursue all the different problems in her life, again makes for a -page-turning-while-you-sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-thriller.  The only negative I can say about this book is that it was the end of the series.  I was pleased when the follow-on novellas came out but still wish for much more Julie and Tony!

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