Review: Soldier Mine (The Thresl Chronicles #1) by Amber Kell

July 4, 2013 Review 0

Review: Soldier Mine (The Thresl Chronicles #1) by Amber Kell

Book one in The Thresl Chronicles Series

When Kreslan is attacked, little does he know the shapeshifting beast who saves him will completely change his life.

When Kreslan Piers is attacked in the cargo hold, he is rescued by a rare shape-shifting beast who transforms into the reincarnated leader of an entire planet. Will Kreslan be willing to give up his dream of being an ordinary soldier to partner with an extraordinary creature?

Vohne has been named by his human half, and the longer they’re together the more he’s remembering the details of their previous lives—lives he shared with Kreslan before watching him die. When they reach the Thresl home planet, Vohne has to break the news to his skittish mate that they not only does he belong to Vohne, but he is fated to be his other half for the rest of eternity.

Reader Advisory: This book was previously released at another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release by Total-E-Bound.

Title: Soldier Mine
Author: The Thresl Chronicles
Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: May 11, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance, Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 93
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

I love getting my little book loving hands on something unique. That is exactly what Amber Kell has given readers with the Thresl Chronicles. When readers first embark on this futuristic sci fi journey Kres is assigned to guard the beasts that are contained on this ship he is stationed on. He knows little about the Thresl’s. In fact that is the way it is for most humans. Thresl’s are a type of cat shifter that many want to own as a guardian. Thresl’s are often sold on the black market. For them to be the ultimate guardian they must imprint and bond with their human. It is only then that they take on their human shape. Thresl’s are not shifters in the usual sense of the word though. They only shift the one time, after they have found their human.

Vohne is more than pleased to protect the soldier that is being attacked in front of his cage. He knows there is more to this human than the others around him. Kres is his human. Vohne is more than just a Thresl in a cage waiting to be sold. Vohne protecting Kres and claiming him as his human sends them on a fascinating journey into a new life. Kres will no longer be just the soldier on guard duty and Vohne will reclaim what has been deceptively taken from him. Now with Kres at his side Vohne will reclaim what has always been rightfully theirs while uncovering the deceptions that have sent a powerful planet into wars and uprisings.

Soldier Mine and the world it is centered around are vastly interesting. There is so much that has yet to been uncovered. I am looking forward to moving on in this series. The couple for the next book has already been introduced and they are guaranteed to deliver a great story. They are going to have a major hurdle to overcome to get to their happily ever after and I am looking forward to reading Prince Claimed!

Favorite Quote: Vohne to Kreslan. “Humans might form us, but make no mistake, you belong to my beast.” Rawr, I just love that quote!

Amber Kell


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