Review – Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe

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Review – Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe

Biochemist Eden Sinclair has no idea that the scent she spritzed on herself before leaving the lab is designed to enhance pheromones. Or that the cute, grungy-looking guy she meets at a gig that evening is Adam Copeland. As in the Adam Copeland international rock god and object of lust for a million women. Make that a million and one. By the time she learns the truth, she s already spent the (amazing, incredible) night in his bed

Suddenly Eden, who's more accustomed to being set up on disastrous dates by her mom, is going out with a gorgeous celebrity who loves how down-to-earth and honest she is. But for once, Eden isn't being honest. She can't bear to reveal that this overpowering attraction could be nothing more than seduction by science. And the only way to know how Adam truly feels is to ditch the perfume—and risk being ditched in turn

Smart, witty, and sexy, Some Kind of Magic is an irresistibly engaging look at modern relationships why we fall, how we connect, and the courage it takes to trust in something as mysterious and unpredictable as love.

Title: Some Kind of Magic
Author: Mary Ann Marlowe
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Published by Kensington
Source: Publisher
Published: January 31st 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Pages: 304
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Mary Ann Marlowe’s debut novel, Some Kind of Magic, is well written, fun and filled with great characters.  Eden has a long checklist of characteristics for the “right” man.  Her mother has a much different list and is even more inspired to find Eden’s future spouse but that’s diverting side story.  I love how quickly Eden counts down her list when she meets Adam and promptly disregards every way he’s not for her.  Seeing Eden, the uptight lab tech, so quickly give into her attraction to Adam is fun.  That she’s oblivious to his fame is even more amusing especially given Micah’s and her affiliation with music.

Adam and Eden struggle with so many additional stressors to their budding relationship because of the public scrutiny, the distance, their normal insecurities.  Adam worries she’s like all the others and drawn to his fame.  Eden worries Adam is only attracted because of the perfume.  These two are a hot mess, individually and together.  I liked that despite his wealth and fame, Adam is just a normal guy trying to make sense of his world and that he sees so much in Eden.

Some Kind of Magic is a typical romance but I liked the characters so well, enjoyed their journeys on the treacherous road to laughed at Marlowe’s witty comments that appeared throughout.

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