Review: Sophomore: Undeclared (Ivory Towers #2) by Daisy Harris

November 4, 2014 Review 0

Review: Sophomore: Undeclared (Ivory Towers #2) by Daisy Harris

Graduation looms for Angel’s lover Shane. Neither guy wants to break up, but in a world of temptation, Shane will have to fight to make first love last.

Shane is graduating soon, and when he leaves, he’s going to tear out Angel’s heart. It’s been more than a year since Shane laid Angel over a desk and changed his life, but with the end of the school year approaching, Angel sweats over what will happen when Shane leaves. Shane says he loves Angel…but only when they’re naked and panting…

Preoccupied with finding a job, Shane doesn’t know what’s got Angel so stressed, but when he gets an opportunity to go to New York to make one of his movies, Shane realises just how badly his leaving will hurt his boyfriend. He wants to stay together—Angel is the best damn thing in his life. Shane knows all about temptation, though, and about how even the best relationships fall apart.

Time and distance, temptations and fears…Love may not be enough to keep Angel and Shane together. But first love is stronger than either of them realises. Will it be strong enough to turn the jaded Shane into a believer, and to keep them together despite the odds?

Title: Sophomore: Undeclared
Author: Daisy Harris
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Series: Ivory Towers
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: July 19, 2013
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 64
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Sophomore: Undeclared begins with an unspecified amount of time having past. Angel and Shane have been in their relationship about a year now. Sadly Angel still has many insecurities about not only his homosexuality but also where his relationship with Shane stands. Angel true to form still has problems expressing some of his feelings and opinions. It makes him such good character to read. As a reader your heart just breaks for him. There are so many things Angel wants to get off his chest, but he just continues to wait for Shane to broach the subject.

Shane is close to graduation and moving on to his new career. Angel is struggling to deal with what to do when Shane leaves. Angel knows Shane will have to go. Shane knows he is going to have to leave Angel behind for a small amount of time. Angel is younger and still in school. Shane just keeps his routine steady knowing that they love each other and believing in that love to get them through this. Shane just doesn’t realize that Angel needs more affirmations than love.

I absolutely love Shane and Angel. It is amazing to see how far they have come since the first pages of Freshman: Uncut to the last pages of Sophomore: Undeclared. Daisy has created another couple that I just want to put in a jar on a shelf and keep them all for myself. I can’t wait for the next book in the Ivory Towers series to come out.

Daisy Harris

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