Review: Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath #2) by Keri Lake

November 11, 2013 Review 4

Review: Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath #2) by Keri Lake

As Wrath’s fiercest son, Logan carries the scars of fifty years spent in the most dreaded prison of the underworld, for a sin he’d kill to keep secret. Enduring decades of gruesome torture has left Logan feared by and detached from others, until a female Alexi’s blood resurrects his soul from death and, with it, the pleasures he’s been denied for so long. Plagued by shame of her own, Calla is drawn to the ruthless demon, Logan, whose insatiable craving for her touch rouses buried passions and, for once, leaves her feeling desired. A dark and dangerous evil has been reawakened, however, and when Calla is drawn too close to its breeding grounds, Logan vows to summon the violence of Wrath in order to keep her safe. First, though, Calla must save him from a past riddled with deceit and corruption … but only if she can accept the chilling consequences of unearthing his vilest skeleton. Sons of Wrath Never gamble with vengeance …

Title: Soul Resurrected
Author: Keri Lake
Series: Sons of Wrath #2
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: October 31, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Stars: five-stars
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Soul Resurrected The second book in this series is just as good as the first if not better. I loved reading about Logan and Calla. The only thing I didn’t like was that it came out so long after the first. This is a series that I just want to sit down and devour all of it at once and not have to wait so long for the next book

There were many revelations in this story about not only Logan but also Calla. I enjoyed how the author revealed each piece of information throughout the story until you are finally able to piece everything together at the end of the book. I can say that to hear of Logan’s past I can understand why he is messed up and did not want to reveal what happened to him but after hearing his story I can’t help but feel for him and love his character even more.

What I really liked about this story was how the author was able to introduce new threats to the characters in the story that will continue to contribute in the future without overloading the storyline. She wrote everything seamlessly, there was never a time when I was bored reading or even wanted to put it down to do something else. The action was non-stop and the romance was a slow build up instead of insta-love. I also liked how that now not only do the Sons of Wrath have other supes and demons as enemies to watch out for now they will need to keep an eye on some humans as well.

What I wonder is if there will be more revealed about Calla later because it seems that her past may come into play in her future. All in all this is still a great series and I really enjoy reading about the Sons of Wrath and everything that they keep getting pulled into. I can’t wait for the next book! Rachel

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Vanessa: Would you please start by telling us a little bit about yourself? I’m a married mother of two, living in Michigan.  I have degrees in science but much prefer creating big and sexy alpha males, to staring at test tube cocktails and amplified snot specimens through a microscope all day.  My favorite genres to write are paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I have been known to dabble in others.

Gaele: Three items that you cannot function without for a week?

  1. My playlist
  2. My laptop
  3. My coffeepot

Vanessa: Can you tell us about your current work in progress, perhaps you could share a favorite fact or piece of fascinating information about it? Well the blog tour is for Soul Resurrected but I am currently working on book 3 of the series, titled Soul Enslaved. This is going to be Gavin’s story.  As for something fascinating about it, first, I get to dig deeper into his past, which is exciting, but also riddled with scenes that have proven difficult to write at times. And second … last June I let my readers choose the cover model for Soul Resurrected.  Out of over 200 candidates, I managed to narrow the choice down to five that most fit Logan’s character.  Julian Christian won the contest.  I’ll be doing the same for Soul Enslaved!  So be sure to keep a look out for upcoming announcements, as I’ll be on the hunt for some sexy Gavin look-alikes for my readers.

Lusty Penguin:  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? Most surprising was how much a writer needs to immerse him/herself into the world that’s being created.  From book to book, those details have to carry over and be completely accurate otherwise it throws readers off, pulling them right out of the story.  This dark and twisted place has become somewhat of an alternate universe for me.

Vanessa: What was your most challenging book to bring to life? So far?  Probably Soul Resurrected.  Only because I have two damaged characters colliding in this book and a lot going on around them at the same time.  Throughout the story, I had to maintain a balance between character development and plot.

Jacque: If you were to change one thing about your book, what would it be and why? It’s actually not so much in the finished product, because I’m quite pleased with the way the story turned out.  While writing though, I sometimes get carried away and end up with more wordage than necessary and so originally, Soul Resurrected came in at about 170K words.  That’s a pretty thick book.  I ended up shaving a lot of it off but it left me kind of mourning those severed scenes.

Vanessa: What was your favorite scene or chapter to write, which book and why? I have a number of scenes that stick out in my head for both books, but I have to say the scene that sticks out the most to me is the first kiss in Soul Resurrected.  I truly enjoyed writing it.

Evelise: What do you do to get in the mood to write? Quiet space, music? Do you outline or do you let it flow? I need coffee and music to get into the mood and from there, it’s a mad tapping of keys to stay ahead of the ideas swirling inside my head.  I don’t outline but I use post-its and notecards because they seem to have a temporary feel to them, which allows me to change up something that doesn’t seem to be fitting into the story.

Vanessa: If you could trade places for a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why? Hmmmm.  Ya know, I’d love to trade with Ayden for a day.  Wear a black leather cat suit, carry a whip, and hang out with a bunch of smokin’ hot alpha demons all day long … sounds like a good time to me! Just not sure how well hubs and kiddos would warm up to a badass lycan slayer in my place.

Vanessa: If you could spend a day with any one of your hero’s where would y’all go and what would y’all do? Juicy details please!  Oh man!  I dunno if I could choose just one.  See, with winter coming up, I’d like to hang out with Zeke because he’s an avid snowboarder and I’d love for him to teach me.  Problem is, he’s so damn flirtatious—an expert in womanizing—he’d probably try to sucker me into staying longer than just the day.  He loves hot tubs too so I’m sure he’d be scheming to end the day in one.  His twin, Zayne, on the other hand might be one I’d hang out with because he plays guitar—another skill I wish I’d acquired.  Zayne’s so dark and sexy with his tattoos and piercings, pretty sure I’d be the one trying to find a loophole into staying longer than one day with him.

Megan: What is the first thing you do when you finish a manuscript? Grab a margarita because that shit deserves a celebration.

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  1. Carmel

    I love this series! It’s so unique! Great interview ladies. Although, your formatting seems to be on the fritz but maybe it’s just my browser…

  2. miki

    A litte hard to read for me too since it’s just a big bash of words without any space but for a book like this one your review was too important to read to let some formatting get in my way

    thank you so much for the interview and excerpt i definitively must win to get my copy of soul ressurected i have to read it


  3. vampedchik

    I am so excited to read this series. I just got book 1 so once I finish that I know I’m going to want to grab this one right away! Thank you for the interview and excerpt! 🙂