Review: Soulgasm by Erika Almond

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Review: Soulgasm by Erika Almond

As America's favorite life coach, Ginnifer has inspired millions with her message of self-love and the power to live a perfectly balanced life. Too bad she's living a lie. Her career's a sham, her kids hate her and her husband has left her. As she heads to the biggest spiritual convention of the year, she must confront the man who's out to destroy her. Hate turns to lust when she feasts her eyes on dangerous, sexy Joshua.

Joshua is a hot, young renegade who wants to strip Ginnifer of her too-perfect image along with her clothes. He wants her naked, emotionally and physically. And Joshua knows something about Ginnifer that may force her to do whatever he commands.

A Romantica(r) older woman/younger man erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Title: Soulgasm
Author: Erika Almond
Source: Publisher
Published: 19 March, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 44
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

What if everything that you wanted you got, but now you aren’t sure that you have become anything more than a cash cow?  Getting into the business of helping people was Ginnifer’s only desire: using visualization, relaxation and other more ‘new age’ theories, her ability to help people achieve shot her to the top of the mountain.  And now, with a manager / husband who is cutting both their business and personal relationship, two university aged children who are tired of being a part of the marketing machine, and her inability to have a moment alone to just BE has Ginnifer wondering if she is the biggest charlatan of them all.

It doesn’t help that Joshua, a newbie on the self-help / self-fufillment track seems to have set her in his sights, and demands more from her than the platitudes that seemingly drop from her lips without thought.  He wants the Ginny that he met years ago, the one who gave of herself freely and warmly; was accessible and involved, and most of all, connected with the many people who are her biggest fans.

A conference becomes the site of their standoff – when Joshua strips her bare on stage, causing her to question everything: on top of her husband’s announcement of his leaving her and the empire that he built as he marketed her image, advice and books for millions, it is just too much to take.

Joshua starts a “truth only’ campaign with her – demanding that she look at what she has become, what she needs, and what she can still offer to others.  Foul mouthed and demanding, he is seeking domination of Ginny, to set her free from the hamster wheel that she is on.  Intricately if quickly paced, this story shows how being caught in a trap may just require the right sort of person to free you: and Josh has decided to be that person.  Hot and steamy, their interactions are a mix of steam, anger, honesty and reassurance, and bring Ginny some new realizations, and put her back in touch with the girl she used to be.  A steamy and sensual escape from the treadmill of real life for both Ginny and the reader – this was a quick, fun story that opens a series of questions about dreams, goals and achievement.

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