Review: Spaghetti Western (Delectable #5) by E.M. Lynley

September 12, 2014 Review 0

Review: Spaghetti Western (Delectable #5) by E.M. Lynley

Cordon-Blue trained pastry chef Riley Emerson arrives in Aspen, Colorado for a summer season at the best restaurant in town, only to discover his jerk of a boyfriend has dumped him, leaving his heart and his summer plans in tatters. Doubting himself and longing for a change of pace, he takes a low-paying position as chef at a guest ranch, the Rocking Z. The scenery is gorgeous, but he expects that nature up close and personal can’t hold a candle to his exciting Paris lifestyle.

When born-and-bred cattle rancher Colby Zane spots a newcomer letting himself be pawed at by a passel of horny cowboys at Aspen’s Club Rawhide, he doesn’t think twice before rushing in, throwing the guy over his shoulder, and rescuing him from the volatile situation. Sober, Riley Emerson turns out to be sweet and sexy, but not interested in more than a one-night stand with Colby. Initially disdainful of the guest ranch side of the business, Colby’s over the moon when Riley late arrives as the new cook on his family’s ranch

But all’s not well at the Rocking Z. Unsurmountable financial problems force them to rely on a cash infusion from an outside investor, Fitz Wellington. Only Fitz is hot for Colby, and he won’t sign on the dotted line without some very personal incentives. The future of the ranch is at stake, and Colby’s just desperate enough to go along, but saving the Z might mean losing Riley.

Title: Spaghetti Western
Author: E.M. Lynley
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Series: Delectable
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Publisher
Published: September 17, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 220
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames

The one night stand that quickly turns into a summer fling that unexpectedly turns into a home on the range and never goes into Spaghetti Western territory, that is exactly what readers will find in the pages of this book. Riley and Colby stumble through the beginnings of a relationship constantly questioning what exactly it is that is going on between them but never vocalizing it. Both are enjoying the now, the in the moment hotness they have together so much that they never slow down to discuss what they are both thinking and feeling.

They both have plenty going on in their lives outside of the bedroom though. The Rocking Z is everything to Colby. He was born there, has spent the entirety of his life there, it is all he knows, it is all he wants to know, and he wants it to thrive. Colby is trying to find ways to help his family save their guest ranch from the dire financial circumstances that have been plaguing them for far too long. The temporary fixes can only last so long and that time was up a while ago.

The cook position at the Rocking Z is so far below all that Riley has trained to be. After the welcoming he got by his boyfriend upon his arrival to Aspen Riley could really care less. He starts looking at his new job not as the failure his father will see it as, but the new adventure that it is. Riley’s enthusiasm for his work and life will fill in any gaps that he could possibly find.

E.M. Lynley has given readers a lighthearted read filled with fun characters living life on a beautiful Colorado guest ranch. Spaghetti Western is the only book that I have read in the Delectable series. It easily works as a stand-alone. None of the characters from the other books even have a role in this tale.

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