Review: Spencer (Survivor Stories #3) by J.P. Barnaby

July 16, 2014 Review 0

Review: Spencer (Survivor Stories #3) by J.P. Barnaby

A Survivor Story

It’s been nearly five years since Aaron woke up in the hospital so broken, he couldn’t stand the sight of his own face. The flashbacks no longer dominate his life, but he’s still unable to find intimacy with his lover, Spencer Thomas. With time, patience, and the support of his family, his therapist, and his loving partner, Aaron has figured out how to live again. The problem is, Spencer hasn’t. His life has been on hold as he waits for the day he and Aaron can have a normal relationship. Hoping to move things forward for them both, he takes a job as a programmer in downtown Chicago, leaving Aaron alone.

Reeling in the wake of Spencer’s absence, Aaron receives another shock when his attackers are caught.

Now, he must testify and verbalize his worst nightmare. Publicly reliving his trauma without Spencer at his side destroys his precarious control. But he finds someone who can understand and empathize in Jordan, who watched his brother cut down in a school shooting. With Spencer gone and the DA knocking at his door, Aaron seeks solace in Jordan, and Spencer will have to risk everything to hold on to Aaron’s love.

Title: Spencer
Author: J.P. Barnaby
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Series: Survivor Stories
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Published by Dreamspinner Press
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: March 21, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance, New Adult
Pages: 216
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: two-half-flames

I so pleased to see that J.P. Barnaby gave Aaron and Spencer a continuation book. While the first book of the Survivor Stories series is complete and doesn’t leave any loose ends any reader with a heart wants to know more about Aaron’s healing. I was swept three years into their future with Spencer and Aaron and the struggles they are experiencing to keep their relationship going.

Spencer and Aaron are quickly learning that anything worth having doesn’t come easily and without sacrifice. Both men have sacrificed so much to get to where they are in life. Aaron still has many issues to overcome and his life is a daily trial. He has come a long way since readers first met him, but he is still not where he needs to be to live a full life. This has started to put a strain on their relationship. The difficulties really start to pile on and Aaron feels that his life is falling apart while everyone he knows and loves moves on to other aspects of life.

Wow. Spencer is just as heartbreaking as Aaron. The books in this series are so emotional. Reading just how far Aaron has come since his attack just leaves me speechless. He wants to have the “normal” life. He wants to not hold others back because of his problems. He wants to not be a burden or inconvenience to those around him. Aaron also knows he’s not quite where he needs to be for all that to happen.

Be sure to read Aaron before Spencer. Spencer will not make as much sense as a stand-alone.

Male Male Romance

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