Review: Stalked (The Slayers #2) by H.C. Brown

September 23, 2015 Review 0

Review: Stalked (The Slayers #2) by H.C. Brown

Who's more dangerous – a stripper, an assassin, or a serial killer?

The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City, preying on male strippers, and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless police force.

In desperation, the police refer the serial killer's case to the Slayers, a team of enhanced, undercover super soldiers. The commander of the Slayers puts his team on the streets to watch over the Ripper's favorite targets.

One of these targets is Micah, a twink stripper and a desirable sub. Micah's baby sitter is one of the newest members of the Slayers, Sorren, as cold-blooded an assassin as they come, and the last person you'd expect to harbor feelings for his charge.

True to form, Sorren is as surprised as anyone at his new infatuation, but Micah is hiding something. Will Micah learn to trust his protector, or is he destined to be the next victim on the Stripper Ripper's list?

Title: Stalked
Author: H.C. Brown
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Series: Slayers
Published by Momentum
Source: Publisher
Published: September 24, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Male Male Romance
Pages: 197
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: four-flames

All the key ingredients are here for this to be a big win for me. H.C. Brown has created the Slayers series with big uber sexy alpha super soldiers. The romance (sex scenes) is super sexy and burning up the pages hot. The suspense element was obvious and a bit mild even though the whole purpose of the book is for Sorren to protect Micah from the Stripper Ripper.

The Stripper Ripper is carving up twink dancers all over the city. Delano and his fellow Slayers are following a few that match the characteristics of the murder victims. Sorren (newest member and definite loose cannon) has been tasked to keep up with Micah. Spending an abundance of time with your protector opens the door for the romance. That’s not how it plays out. The super soldiers enhancements allows for pheromones, perfect matches, and instalove (bonding) so there was no need to build a relationship for Micah and Sorren. THey have plenty of hot sex and the Dom tells the pup how things will be from here on out.

Most of the pertinent information is given to the readers through conversations between the characters via information dump. The Slayers are talkers. They discuss everything in detail, lots and lots of detail. Some of the things they spoke of needed more elaboration or they shouldn’t have been mentioned at all. The two that I was the most curious of was the amount of time Sorren spent away from Micah for the upgrades with the doctor. Keeping Micah’s babysitter away from him allowed for Micah to get into quite a bit of trouble but it didn’t make sense for this world or the super soldiers. Micah’s horrific past is also mentioned several times. The fact that he is hiding something and running from something, but that is a question that is never answered.

Stalked can easily be read as a stand-alone. The one of the main characters from the previous book has a larger than small role as a secondary character here. The brothel/sex slave plot was mentioned but doesn’t tie into the mess that Micah has found himself the center of. A couple for the next book has not been lined up nor was it even hinted at if there would be another book.

Paranormal Romance
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