Review: Stand and Deliver by Scarlet Blackwell

October 29, 2015 Review 0

Review: Stand and Deliver by Scarlet Blackwell

When Lucien Mayer is held captive by dangerous but seductive highwaymen, does he escape, or does he give in to his heart’s desire?

Lucien, Earl of Ravensberry, has the looks, the title, the house and all the money in the world. What he’s lacking in his humdrum life of loneliness is someone to warm his sheets at night. When he’s kidnapped by five highwaymen one night, things start looking up. This is the most exciting thing to happen to him in forever.

But Lucien’s life is in danger. Dante, the tough, self-appointed leader of the band, doesn’t have a lot of time for captives and vows to kill him—after he’s used Lucien’s body as he desires. Then there’s Ambrosius, Dante’s best friend, a damaged, reclusive individual who appeals to Lucien from the outset. The feeling is mutual, and Lucien is soon braving a whirlwind of emotions. He had never thought to fall for an outlaw, and he is torn between escaping and satisfying the needs of his heart. All he knows is, life will never be the same again…

Title: Stand and Deliver
Author: Scarlet Blackwell
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: September 22, 2015
Genres: Erotic Historical Romance, Erotic Romance, Historical Romace, Male Male Romance
Pages: 102
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
Totally Bound

Everyone knows the dangers of night travel. Too many of the wealthy and prestigious have been robbed and killed by the highwaymen known as the Dark Knights. Lucien knows just how deadly they are. He is the Earl of Ravensberry a man that lost his parents to these devils on horseback. Leaving a card game with a purse full of coin and well into his cups he discovers that they are willing to take more than riches, sometimes the robbers take the robbed.

A little bit of Stockholm Syndrome meets an almost dubious consent here in the pages of Stand and Deliver. I need to stress the almost of this almost dubious consent. Lucien has managed to convince himself that he can use his sexiness as a method of getting away from the highwaymen. The more time he spends with them the more he discovers there are so many more pleasurable things to do with Ambrosius and Dante than escape them. It’s not all fun in the bedroom though. Ambrosius and Dante both have some inner torment they are attempting to deal with. They’re doing a poor job of it but they both agree that there are some rather hot ways to release the tension and Lucien is game for all of it.

I’m truly hoping there will be a follow up to this book. I really needed some closure where Dante is concerned. Yes, he’s an arse. He’s presented as that dark tortured soul. Dark and twisted guys need a happily ever after too. He had a few tender moments, well almost tender.

Paranormal Romance

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