Review: When the Starrs Align by Marie Harte

October 23, 2013 Review 1

Review: When the Starrs Align by Marie Harte

Regan wants vengeance on the Starr brothers. They want her. But when dealing with warlocks under a blood moon, love trumps revenge…every time.

Regan Riley has come to town for a little revenge. Before the Starr brothers become too powerful to take down, she’s going to bully the bullies. But when the tables are turned, she finds it hard to deny the sexy warlocks who need her more than they know.

Ten years ago Regan Riley left town to save herself from the scourge of the Starrs. Twin brothers Chance and Warrick tormented her one too many times, so her father ships her away to safety. But when he asks her to return to celebrate a once in a lifetime event, she’s all for it. Before the twins ascend and grow more powerful than she can handle, she’s going to show them what it’s like to be bullied.

Chance and Warrick have been looking for the shapeshifting beauty for years. Some out of control magic in their youth made her miserable, and they want her back. But when the tricky cat tries pranking them, they decide on another way of apologizing. In bed. Sure, they need a familiar or a bonded lover to help them survive their Becoming during the blood moon. But no way in hell they’ll ask Regan for help and risk hurting her. They lost her once before. They can’t do it again. They’d rather die knowing she’s safe than lose her to vampires when the blood moon takes hold. But when Regan wrestles the decision from their hands, it’s do or die. Because this time, losing her isn’t an option.

Title: When the Starrs Align
Author: Marie Harte
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 18 October, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Menage
Pages: 70
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Stars: four-stars
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Take two gorgeous male twins, destined to be some of the more powerful wizards the world has seen. Have them realize that they need a 3rd in their circle to complete their potential, and make that 3rd a young woman that they had bullied and tortured as a child who alternates between despising them and being intrigued although not wholly trusting them.  Regan is a  mixed –blood, with a mother a cat shifter and her father a wizard, she has realized her differences and been belittled for her ‘mutt’ status since childhood.

Chance and Warrick know that Regan is their destined third, but how to convince her to interact, let alone work with them is the issue. With a series of explanations from the twins eyes, their focused and determined mother, and Regan’s underlying interest and attraction to the twins despite all that has passed between them: this story is full of revelations, clever visualizations and some laugh out loud moments.  Thoroughly mischievous, the twins seek to convince Regan to play along: even if that play includes some steamy ménage play and lots of physical satisfaction.

The triumvirate is steamy and cleverly portrayed with dialogue that is clever and snarky in turns, with some real emotion displayed by all, especially as they explain the pranks they meant (mostly) in good fun, but Regan was too young, too bullied and too sensitive to see them that way.  All of those memories fade away in several cleverly written and super steamy scenes, the twins remove Regan’s inhibitions and reservations nearly as easily as they remove her clothing.  A unique twist on a paranormal / fantasy story, with some super steamy ménage scenes, laughs and pointedly poignant moments.


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