Review: Stealing Jason Wilde by Dee Ernst

May 17, 2016 Review 0

Review: Stealing Jason Wilde by Dee Ernst

After her divorce, librarian Annie Reynolds thought she’d closed the book on love for good—it just wasn’t part of her safe, comfortable routine. But if there’s anyplace she can relax and have a little fun, it’s Dune Road, where she and her closest girlfriends return for their annual getaway in the Hamptons. She knows it’s just what she needs to escape her empty nest (and empty bed).

A chance encounter with a ruggedly handsome local promises Annie just that. But when one of her friends turns a simple flirtation with B-list movie star Jason Wilde into seduction—and Jason accidentally mixes a few drinks and his back-pain medicine—the ladies end up with a very high-profile houseguest. The media calls it a kidnapping, and before long, the FBI is on the hunt.

Soon the ladies’ tame little trip has turned into the adventure of a lifetime. But will this case of mistaken misdoing sabotage Annie’s second chance at love, or will she have the confidence to take matters into her own hands to find her happily ever after

Title: Stealing Jason Wilde
Author: Dee Ernst
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Published by Lake Union Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 05/17/2016
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 208
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Oh lord! I had a blast reading Stealing Jason Wilde.  I just love to laugh out loud when I am read a book and that is what happened with this story.  I was not sure how I could relate to a fifty-something group but I did! Mostly because they are as a crazy as I am!

Some might say that it is very unlikely that a situation like this would happen, I agree with them.  We just need to be willing to step out of our rational mind for a while and enjoy the story for what it is.  That is what I did, and trust me, I did not want it to end! Pure entertainment, it is light, fun and you only can feel good while reading it.

For the last 6 years, three fifty-something ladies are taking their vacation in the Hamptons.  They are renting a house and having a blast each time.  This year is special: Tina decides to join them for the week.  Tina is quite weird (that is the only word I could find to describe her), totally over the top and fun as hell.  She decides to join the ladies in the Hampton in the hope of getting a chance to meet Jason Wilde.  It didn’t take long before her wildest dream became reality ,but not in the way she envisioned it.

There is a good life lesson in this book : Never mix alcohol if you are taking prescription drugs! If you do so you could likely wake up in a house full of fifty-something ladies the day after! When Jason Wilde came back to his senses he was in for a shock and then all hell broke loose.  I need to mention that Jason is not the brightest TV star out there.  He’s got the look and that‘s about it.

The story is written from Annie (a divorced librarian) point of view.  We have the opportunity to live the story through her lenses.  It was a good choice, mostly because she is a very funny and interesting character.  There is not a lot of love/romance scenes, but I don’t think it was the author goal while writing this book. There are some romantic sparks flying between Annie and Andy and Kelly and Liam though.

It is an excellent summer/vacation read.  It does not take itself seriously, it is a quick read and humorous.  I definitely recommend it, but as I said in the beginning, you need to check off your logic mind to really have a blast! I look forward to reading another Dee Ernst book!


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