Review: Stone Cold (Iron Tornadoes MC #1) by Olivia Rigal

August 20, 2015 Review 0

Review: Stone Cold (Iron Tornadoes MC #1) by Olivia Rigal

Lisa Mayfield returns home from law school to a dead brother and a former lover she no longer recognizes.

Brian Hatcher, her brother’s best friend, dropped out of the police academy. Instead of working with Lisa’s brother to bring down organized crime, he became a full-patched member of the Iron Tornadoes, an outlaw motorcycle club, the very one that may have caused her brother’s fall.

Searching for answers to how her David died, Lisa can't ignore the attraction she still feels for Brian.

The chemistry is undeniable but is there anything left of the boy she once loved or has he turned into a stone cold biker?

Title: Stone Cold
Author: Olivia Rigal
Series: Iron Tornadoes MC #1
Source: Author
Published: March 31, 2014
Genres: New Adult
Pages: 124
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

I just finished reading Stone Cold by Olivia Rigal and I’m left with a curious feeling. These aren’t pressing I-need-to-know questions sorting through my head. More like, I’m puzzling what is going on together. I see by other reviews people are bashing on Lisa. However, I am not one of those bashers. I get her. I get the losing of a close brother and seeking solace in the arms of someone she has, or at least HAD, a connection with. I know some people would think that’s a slutty move but after feeling the loss of a loved one, sometimes you need that human connection. It’s the same for Brian needing that human touch. So that whole sex after death, nope not a skanky thing for me. What did come out shady for me was Steven and Everest. Really guys! Flirting and trying to score a hook-up during a funeral…bad form.


There a lot more to the story besides the afore mentioned, there’s intrigue along with creepy MC bad guys. For a novella there is quite a bit of backstory into Brian and Lisa’s history that I was able to understand their motivations. While this is a MC story, there weren’t a lot of what I would call MC moments. Let’s not forget, there is sex although if you’re hoping for it to be graphically detailed I hate to disappoint you. So despite this is a short book I feel it well flushed out.


So here is what makes me curious: Why couldn’t Lisa see her brother’s body? There has to be something more than a ick factor that is keeping her from seeing him. I found that frustratingly curious. Yes, with all the other things going on, that is the one thing that is sticking in my mind. Hmmm… I’m already trying to guess where this is going. Why you may ask…because there was a twist at the very end that has me thinking, and guessing where this is all going. I guess the only way to find out is to stick with the series. Patiently waiting for the next book.


Stone Cold
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