Review: Stone Solitude by A.C. Warneke

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Review: Stone Solitude by A.C. Warneke

A cursed stone Beast

Isolated and alone, without family or fortune, Roman Nosuntres is a gargoyle forgotten by the world. He just wants to get back what once was lost and his only hope of breaking the curse that binds him lies in the unconditional surrender of an innocent. He just never anticipated someone like Daisy, who slowly brings color into his black and white world.

An innocent & beguiling Beauty

Born into a life of love and privilege, surrounded by friends and family, Daisy Tremain doesn’t quite fit in. She’s a wolf who can’t shift and a Siren afraid to sing. Not broken or damaged, just a little lost, Daisy’s life finally starts to make sense when she meets the mysterious Roman. Imperfect apart, they are perfect together.

As long as they don't piss off too many gods.

STONE SOLITUDE is a full length novel at 107+K words. It can be read as a standalone and there is no cliffhanger but if you're interested in other gargoyles, there is the Stone Passions Trilogy (Stone Lover, Stone Romance, & Stone Destiny.) Siren Song is the story of Daisy's parents. Not recommended for anyone younger than 18 due to sexual situations and strong language.

Title: Stone Solitude
Author: A.C. Warneke
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: September 29th 2014
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 303
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Lovers of A.C. Warneke rejoice!!! Stone Solitude is simply AMAZEBALLS!!!

The emotions that I felt for Roman at first were – What a jerk! Seriously, what he wanted Daisy for was uber selfish. As you get to learn Daisy’s story yeah…Roman = Jerk! Of course as I learned his story my heart began to change and I fell in love with him. Daisy is sweet and you can’t help but love her from the very beginning. The dynamics between the two of them build up to a fantastic ending that will have you swooning and begging for more.

I had moments of being lost in the story when suddenly I would remember, there is a bit of crossovers from several of her books. Not only did I have a hankering for going back and re-reading her Stone Passion series but especially Siren Song as well. In case you missed it, Daisy is part wolf and part siren. Definitely a interesting combination and the situations she finds herself in will have you wanting to read those books, too. If nothing else to find out where her origins came from.

I have been a longtime fan of Ms Warneke’s books, in particularly her gargoyles. When she asked if I would like a chance to beta her news gargoyle book my answer was a HECK YEAH! There’s isn’t one thing I hate about her books. Weeelll…maybe one – they have to end. Okay, everyone deserves a happy ending and Roman and Daisy certainly get a sigh worthy one. My happy ending is to know that there is going to be another book! WOO-HOO! Read Stone Solitude. You will not be disappointed.


Stone Solitude



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