Review: Storm (Bad Boys of X-Ops #3) by Rie Warren

June 15, 2016 Review 0

Review: Storm (Bad Boys of X-Ops #3) by Rie Warren

Desire . . . Trust?

I’m headed back to the Blood Legion MC in New Orleans, my old stomping grounds. Guns. Thugs. Broads. Cocaine nightmares. A Mexican cartel, cracker coke runners, and now there’s a new international threat in town.

Blaize Carmichael is my only partner in this op. Blaize. As a biker babe. Jeeesus. I’ve had a bone for her from day one when she walked into headquarters—haughty, superior, and always in charge.

There’s a goddamn good chance we’ll get made, played, and put in the grave as government-issue traitors. But I can’t help it—I love to get rough, raw, dirty, and dominant with her.

No more yes ma’am, no ma’am. Blaize is about to find out I don’t always takes orders as issued.

I can’t stand the way Storm calls me woman or cher or sexy. As soon as we’re back in DC, I’m going to wipe that infuriating wicked smirk right off his dangerously handsome face.

I’m always prepared for every scenario. I’ve built my career on complete professionalism in and out of the field. But when Storm comes at me with wild animal lust—when he opens up to me—when he opens me up, I can’t say no.

I don’t want to.

We’re in danger every single day we stay in NOLA. There is no way we can make it out alive. Not together. Not this time

Title: Storm
Author: Rie Warren
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Series: Bad Boys of X-Ops #3
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: May 23, 2016
Genres: Military Romance, Motorcycle Theme
Pages: 282
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Just finished Storm and I think it’s my favorite book in the Bad Boys of X-Ops series. That would be more than likely because it has less of a military and more MC feel to it. I like to dabble ever so often in the MC world. Military stories all come across to me too sacrificial, too ‘I’m gonna save the world’ for my liking which is not a turn on in my book. Bikers, on the other hand, have this edgy side to them that can be so sexy attractive. Then the whole dirty, disgusting misogynist side comes out that drops me right back in to reality on why I only wander into MC world on occasion.

I really didn’t think much of Storm in the previous books. His character never really stood out for me. Now he is front and center in his own story. In the beginning, I really wasn’t too impressed with him. He has this whole caveman attitude with Blaize that was driving me batty. He wasn’t alone in the driving me batty department either. Blaize…sheesh! I get it, she’s in charge, the head cheese for these guys and for some crazy reason I kept thinking she was quite a bit older, but still there was something about her that I found obnoxious. Knowing these two were the least favorite of the series for me, I was shocked on how much I liked them in the end. What clinched it for me is when they both bared their deep dark secrets, painful ones, to one another.

On the whole, Storm was a good read. There’s lots of MC characters that are crazy scary that offer a very ‘colorful’ side to the whole story. There were moments I felt everything had strayed into the stereotypical biker story. You know, good guy trying to take the bad guys down from the inside, bad guys die, good guy rides off into the sunset with his woman. Okay, for the most part that did sort of happen. So what was it that made it good? Storm and Blaize. The dialog between them was snappy, hotheaded and flirty. The sexual tension between Blaize and Storm is enough to cut glass with and at times hysterical. Storm certainly loves to get a rise out of her. But in the end, it was my perception of Storm. He went from a X-Ops guy, to a biker to someone that family means a lot to him. Ahhh…big fluffy heart beneath all that bravado.

I’ve been a fan of Ms. Warren’s work for quite a few years now. Her characters have always been stellar for me but this time around, I am struggling to connect with them or their stories. There are moments that do stand out and do help draw me back in to the books but I’m not sure if it’s the whole military side, or how the Ops story isn’t tying in with the Carolina boys other than in passing. I, however, be finishing the series. Bane seems to hold quite a few secrets that have me intrigued. Here’s hoping his story is the one that works for me.



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