Review – Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance (A Dark Stalker Romance) by Robin Lovett

June 9, 2017 Review 0

Review – Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance (A Dark Stalker Romance) by Robin Lovett

Warning: Stranger by Robin Lovett is a scorching, intense romance novel featuring an anti-hero out to get revenge against the trust-fund woman whose family destroyed his life.

This isn’t supposed to be a love story. This is not the kind of book where a girl gets swept off her feet. Where the hero is her knight in shining armor. This is a novel about ruining someone’s life. But even the simplest plans for revenge can go wrong.

I like the way he watches me, this man I don’t know. It’s something I’ll never confess to, never tell a soul. But with one look of those penetrating eyes, I feel as if he’s unwrapped me, turned me inside out, rubbed away at my trust-fund-holding, good-girl exterior until I’m raw and exposed.

He looks like he wants to destroy me. Like he wants to obliterate me and my shallow, perfect life until there’s nothing left.

And once I meet Logan, the crazy part is, I want him to.


I hate Penny Vandershall.

I hate her money and her family and her privilege. I hate her innocence and her smile and her shine. I want to annihilate her lightness and consume her with my darkness, my anger, my red-hot rage until there is nothing left of her.

I know the truth about her, the truth that will make it easy to bring her down. To ruin her for good. But through the blinding haze of my hatred, my burning need for revenge, she's starting to get to me. She looks at me in wide-eyed fear, like a girl approaching the tiger’s cage. And yet she refuses to walk away; edging closer until she can meet the beast who wants to rip her apart.

And even though I set out to ruin her, she may be the one to destroy me.

Title: Stranger
Author: Robin Lovett
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Series: A Dark Stalker Romance
Published by Storm Moon Press, Swerve
Source: Publisher
Published: June 13th 2017
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 300
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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300 Review

Wowza! I just couldn’t put this down. I mean, I TOTALLY knew the entire plot and guessed a few things here and there, but it didn’t matter. I was so captivated with “how” it was going to happen that I kept turning those pages until I got what I wanted. And I still want more!!!

Penny’s dad died a few months ago. She’s having a hard time dealing with his death, but something still feels…off. The only thing that doesn’t feel off is that fact that there is a really hot guy stalking her at work. The way he stares at her, the way his eyes seem to look right through her, all without saying a word. She’s dying to speak with him. To find out what he wants. But shouldn’t she be scared?

Logan sees nothing but red. The red that has vengeance written all over it. Vengeance he’s been seeking for years. And now his time has finally come. Penny is in his grasp and he’s about to ruin her life just like his life’s been ruined. At least…that’s the plan.

Dark? Eh…some parts of this can be considered dark, so I guess that’s why it’s in the title. I’ve read a LOT darker. Nothing sexual is ever forced on to Penny. But there are definite mind games being played. And not just by Logan. The way these two end up craving each other is electric and after reading the anticipation build up, we’re not disappointed when we finally get to the good stuff (if you know what I mean).

Like I stated earlier, it’s not that I didn’t figure out how this was going to play out, but the way the author wrote the story, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. In fact, I’m super glad that this is just the beginning. Because although I knew where it was going, it’s not the end. And I need to find out just how serious Blake is.

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