Review: Strictly Pleasure (Hooded Pleasures #2) by Sheryl Nantus

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Review: Strictly Pleasure (Hooded Pleasures #2) by Sheryl Nantus

"She knows how to stand on her own two feet. Can she find power on her knees?"

"Hooded Pleasures," Book 2

Veronica Locksley is a Domme without a club to play in. Suspended from Boots 'n' Chains for not being gentle with her submissives, she's offered one chance to regain her status. Spend some time as one of them.

Everything in her rebels at the idea, but she has no choice but to agree.

Oliver Greenwood is a sexy, powerful but widowed Dom who's ready to emerge from his grieving period. All that stands between him and his return to the dating scene is one last assignment for Hooded Pleasures-to put a Domme under his thumb for six sessions to teach her greater respect for her subs.

Veronica turns out to be more than a handful. Yet even as she butts heads with him every step of the way, he discovers that beneath her tiger-in-the-boardroom personality hides the heart of a true submissive. One that's extraordinarily easy to fall in love with.

But before she can become anyone's dream-including her own-he has to let her go. And hope she finds the path that will lead back to his arms.

"Warning: Brooding Dom bookstore owner who's looking to begin living again and a tough businesswoman who doesn't realize that being on her knees makes her stronger, not weaker."


Title: Strictly Pleasure
Author: Sheryl Nantus
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Series: Hooded Pleasures #2
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: March 29th 2016
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 297 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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Strictly Pleasure is book two in the Hooded Pleasures series by Sheryl Nantus and it’s a great continuation after book one! It is a standalone novel, although some previous characters do appear.

Veronica is a self-proclaimed Domme from way back in college with no real training. She’s faced with a ban from multiple BDSM clubs due to her abusive nature towards subs. She’s been given a way to redemption in that she must attend classes from a highly skilled Dom on being a submissive. The goal is to have her “see the light” and realize the way she handled her subs was wrong. Wanting to get back on the scene quickly she reluctantly agrees.

Oliver is a Dominant working for Hooded Pleasures. They specialize in sensitive situations by giving classes in BDSM, to both Doms and subs. Discreetness is the name of the game so the classes take place away from the clubs. Oliver lost his wife three years ago and is not ready to attend a club anytime soon, much less take on a submissive. He still hasn’t processed all he’s feeling about her. As a favor to the director of Hooded Pleasures, he takes on Veronica as his last case.

When Oliver and Veronica meet-sparks fly! Oliver is definitely intrigued by what he feels she’s hiding. But Veronica is sure this is just some power trip for a Dom to break another Dom. As Veronica’s lessons take place, her opinion of Oliver changes. They both are embroiled in a journey to find enlightenment. It takes a strong person to admit your mistakes and feel vulnerable. I loved how the author gave each one the time to work through their feelings.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and would highly recommend reading this, along with book one! I am in love with the series and can’t wait to see what Sheryl Nantus has in store for the next one!


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