Review: Sunsinger (The Cy’ren Rising trilogy #3) by Robyn Bachar

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Review: Sunsinger (The Cy’ren Rising trilogy #3) by Robyn Bachar

Her desire unites them. Her secret could destroy them all. Cy'ren Rising, Book 3 The lord. The sole survivor of the Sunsinger massacre, Lord Degalen Fairren spends his days reading tales of the family he never knew. When a rival house threatens to enslave Cyprena, Galen is forced to pull his nose out of his books and enter into an alliance with House Morningstar, and a dangerous mission to save his world. The assassin. Lady Andelynn Harrow isn't House Morningstar's eldest or prettiest daughter, but she is the deadliest. After her father's murder, Andee must defend her new house and mate-the shy, reluctant Galen-but every battle risks revealing her terrible secret. The slave. Malcolm gets his first taste of freedom when the Cy'ren recruit him to locate the cure to a deadly virus-and feels the burn of desire for Galen, the lord he can never have, and for Andee, who awakens memories of a long-lost first love. The danger they face fuels the heat between them, but with Cyprena's fate hanging in the balance, the race to find the cure could come with devastating costs. Warning: Contains a blushing, virgin lord, a sexy geek, and an empathic assassin who always brings lube on a mission.

Title: Sunsinger
Author: Robyn Bachar
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Series: Cy'ren Rising
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Nightfall, Morningstar
Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: December 1, 2015
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance, Menage
Pages: 226
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Stars: three-stars
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I had some spare time and decided to finish reading series that I had started and somehow not completed. The Cy’ren Rising trilogy seemed like the obvious place to start. I read and loved the first book back in 2013. I four starred the second book in 2014. Okay so there is clearly a larger time gap with the third book but I was expecting more enjoyment this time due to the male male focus. I assumed there would be more focus on Malcolm and Degalen and their romance and I was given a huge disappointment on that front but I’ll get to that.

It only took me a couple of chapters to catch up on Cy’ren politics and the war that these people are fighting. Bachar has brought in the main characters from Nightfall (Talena, Carman, Dack) and Morningstar (Jace, Bryn, Sabine) as they still have large political roles as ruling houses in this society that is trying to acquire something similar to normalcy. Every step forward is a fight and there is a house that is so set in the old ways that wants to keep its own people oppressed in slavery.

Archaic traditions are about to have Lady Andelynn Harrow of House Morningstar wedding the virginal Lord Degalen Fairren of House Sunsinger. Galen is still a virgin because of his attraction to men. While it is okay for Cy’ren women to have female lovers, and Cy’ren men to have two female mates it is never okay for a male to take another male as a lover. I am told over and over on the page how attracted Galen and Malcolm are. It is written on the page how much they love each other. I know I’m getting an erotic ménage romance. What I actually get is a ménage romance where two men are all about a woman. I was confused about this. I didn’t feel the romance was real where Andee was involved. It felt forced.

The big bad that was Lord Bildanen and the Lazarus plague in the end had an easy resolution. Some things that could have had a resolution did not. I’m not sure if that was due to the author pondering the idea of continuing going on with this world or just not wanting to tie that up. It seems like things got lost with this last book or perhaps my reading tastes evolved since I read the first.

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