Review: I Survived Seattle (Coming About #1) by J.K. Hogan

April 21, 2014 Review 0

Review: I Survived Seattle (Coming About #1) by J.K. Hogan

As if being a deeply closeted gay man living in the South isn’t enough, Justice Crawford also suffers from a crippling anxiety disorder. Flying cross country to be the best man in his best friend’s wedding probably isn’t the best idea, right? Forced back into the closet after being rejected by his family, Justice has given up on the idea of finding acceptance and love. He has allowed his disorder and his troubled past to keep him from taking a chance, but love might just find him where he least expects it… in Seattle.

Sailor and charter boat captain Nic Valentine is still reeling from the unexpected death of his father, when the man of his dreams—literally—falls into his lap. He thinks he’ll never see the man again, but fate has other plans. Nic tries to resist the charms of adorably quirky, nervous Justice, because he has no desire to get tangled up with another closet case. But when life keeps throwing them together, will Nic decide that Justice might be a keeper after all

Title: I Survived Seattle
Author: J.K. Hogan
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Series: Coming About #1
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Author
Published: March 19th 2014
Genres: M/M Erotica, Male Male Romance
Pages: 161
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

Call me pleasantly surprised. When I first read the blurb for I Survived Seattle I initially thought – closet gay, anxiety disorder, boat captain; sounds vaguely meh and probably filled with cliques. Boy was I surprised when I actually enjoyed the story.

Charming and lovable. That’s my description for Justice. Filled with panic attacks and anxiety, he’s stumbling cuteness was charming and lovable. Still very much in the closet after a disastrous attempt to come out years before, this basket case is flying across country for his best friend’s wedding. A chance encounter lands Justice in Nic’s path. Nic finds Justine quirkiness cute and instantly falls for Justine. What ensues between them in the two weeks Justine is in Seattle is sweet, hot and fun. I found the dialogue between the characters quick and witty. Justine’s lack of filter caused me to laugh so many times. There were a few times I was confused particularly regarding Nic’s father. I know Nic was flying back after his father’s death, but there were other times where it felt more like he had been dead a while longer. So were some of the situations a bit predictable? Yes, but it didn’t make the story any less enjoyable.

**Consider this a spoiler warning here**For the most part, I liked all the secondary characters except for one although it’s not for reasons one would think. I think the one thing that I got irritated the most about was Rich. Okay, they story had to have a jerk antagonist. Obviously, since Justine was in the closet there was going to be a point in the book where someone was going to push him out. From the first introduction of Rich, you knew it would be him. However, to me Rich was portrayed too predictably. If his character had been a bit less stereotypical bully I would have enjoyed it more. Okay…rant over.

Other than the before mentioned rant, I thoroughly enjoyed I Survived Seattle from its zany beginning, to its heartwarming ending. As this is my first book by J.K. Hogan, I look forward to reading more. This is definitely a book I will be recommending.


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