Review: Suspicious Behavior (Bad Behavior #2) by L.A. Witt

September 26, 2017 Review 0

Review: Suspicious Behavior (Bad Behavior #2) by L.A. Witt

Detective Darren Corliss is hanging by a thread. In between recovering from a near-fatal wound and returning to work at a hostile precinct, he’s struggling to help care for his ailing brother. His partner and boyfriend, Detective Andreas Ruffner, wants to help, but doesn’t know how. And with his own family crises brewing, Andreas is spread almost as thin as Darren.

For cops, though, life takes a backseat to the job. When a stack of unsolved homicides drops into their laps, Andreas and Darren think they’re unrelated cold cases. But when a connection surfaces, they find themselves on the tail of a prolific serial killer who’s about to strike again.

Except they’ve got nothing. No leads. No suspects. Just a pile of circumstantial evidence and a whole lot of hunches. Time is running out to stop the next murder—and to pull themselves back from their breaking points.

Title: Suspicious Behavior
Author: Cari Z, L.A. Witt
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Series: Bad Behavior #2
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Published by Riptide Publishing
Source: Author
Published: August 19, 2017
Genres: Crime Drama, Male Male Romance
Pages: 253
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: two-flames
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As I finish reading Suspicious Behavior, I find myself sighing with a silly smile for about a heartbeat and already I am chomping at the bit for the next installment. Authors L.A. Witt and Cari Z have once again outdone themselves with this new installment in their bad behavior series. Mystery, suspense and a race against time will have you struggling to put this book down.

This book picks up shortly after the previous book in the series, Risky Behavior, left off. If you haven’t read book 1, put this book down and start from the beginning. Things aren’t going so well for the guys this time around. After their last case, Detectives Darren Corliss and Andreas Ruffner are now on most everybody’s poop list. Doesn’t matter they exposed a lot of bad cops, you don’t squeal on your brothers. Now the guys are working in a hostile precinct. Darren is trying to recover from a near-fatal wound while dealing with Asher’s fast deteriorating memory. All the while, Andreas wants to help but he doesn’t know how. How could things get any worse? How does a stack of unsolved homicides and a possible serial killer sound! Talk about edge of your seat excitement.

Talk about non-stop action! Honestly, I can’t decide what I enjoyed more; their professional or personal life. Things are continuing to go strong between Andreas and Darren. They have heavy personal issues that are pulling at them that could break them or make them stronger. Then there is the professional side. Hated by other cops or treat them like the plague and settled with a stack of unsolved cases. At first, I didn’t think too much of them and then all the puzzle pieces started to come out. Talk about crazy exciting. I’m usually not into mysteries but this one grabbed my attention. As Darren and Andreas start investigating and things start coming together, ACK! How did no one see it! It was all there. Everything keeps building and building, the anticipation, the reveal, the revelations.

There was no putting this book down. It’s 3am, I have got to know what happens next. The suspense is killing me. The big reveal! The ending! Oh man, what a rush! Suspicious Behavior was well worth losing sleep over. I can’t wait to find out what is in store for Darren and Andreas. Thankfully, the next book comes out in a few months. I can wait that long, right? Maybe…Possibly…



Suspicious Behavior
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