Review: Swan Prince by Erin Lark

August 21, 2014 Review 0

Review: Swan Prince by Erin Lark

Trapped between his royal heritage and swan shifter status, Oliver doesn't pay close attention during his flock's winter migration, and gets caught in the crosshairs of a trigger-happy hunter.

Careening toward the ground with no place to go, Oliver submits to his human form. As his swan's feathers recede, he seeks shelter in an old barn.

Bastion's spent the better part of his adult life caring for a bunch of bullheaded stallions, but this is the first time he's ever found a naked and gorgeous man in one of his stalls. When he asks the man his name, he doesn't get a reply. Without a wallet or a voice to tell him who this stranger is, Bastion takes Oliver in, clothes him and tends to a mysterious wound.

Oliver has nowhere else to go. Bastian is in a bind after firing a farmhand who would much rather call in sick than do his job. When passion flares, can Bastion and Oliver overcome their differences, or will this swan prince fly south?


Title: Swan Prince
Author: Erin Lark
Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 4 August, 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Male Male Romance
Pages: 127
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

During a flight south, Swan Prince Oliver is shot in the wing, and must find a safe spot to land and heal.  When he shifts to human form, however, it is snowing, his arm hurts terribly, and he has no idea where he is.

Bastion is a horse trainer and breeder with a small ranch a distance from other neighbors. Snow and a no-show employee have him angry and frustrated, not to mention alone – again. It’s been a long time since his last relationship, and the last encounter after a few beers and an awkward morning have left him without a hired hand.

A barn check to settle the horses for the night reveal Oliver, naked and bleeding, taking refuge in the spare stall.  Bastion is instantly intrigued with the beautiful man, and his instinct to protect, patch and shelter Oliver, rendered mute during the shift, is apparent.  For his part, even though Oliver is freaking out a bit with being confined in a house, and unable to shift: he too finds Bastion attractive and intriguing: a first for him.

A bit slow-going early on, the dual point of view perspective from the two main characters, Oliver and Bastion does serve to provide background information that is useful later on. The connection between these two is evident, and they have a sweet way of showing their feelings.  Bastion is shocked, but not to insanity, when the truth of WHAT Oliver is, and does everything he can to accommodate and encourage the swan version of Oliver to heal, including filling the bathtub to encourage him to stretch his wings. There is a similarity in the two character’s desire to have and find love everlasting, and their connection as humans leads to some supremely steamy moments, A unique and enchanting novella, this was an interesting introduction to this author’s work.


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