Review: Takedown (Bannon’s Gym #2) by Cat Grant

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Review: Takedown (Bannon’s Gym #2) by Cat Grant

An abusive father drove Tom Delaney away from Lincoln Beach. Now that he’s back to settle his family’s affairs, he’s finding that not even the good things he left behind are the same. The old neighborhood is a dangerous slum. Eddie’s diner is on its last legs. Gloria, who looked after him like her own son, is seriously ill.

His only refuge is Bannon’s Gym, where Danny Bannon nurtured his talent for mixed martial arts. Bannon’s also harbors Travis, his ex—as in ex-sparring partner, ex one-night stand. The man who, the last time they faced off in the ring, left Tom with a broken jaw and a concussion.

The sparks are still there, in the ring and out of it. But when Travis’s own troubles quite literally explode, their only chance to build something solid on their broken past could go up in flames.

Title: Takedown
Author: Cat Grant
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Series: Bannon's Gym
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Purchased for Self
Published: July 29, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 188
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

In Black Dog readers are introduced to a troubled teen named Tom Delaney. His life is a mess. His thoughts and feelings towards life are an even bigger mess. He has fled his home to get away from an abusive father. He has guilt over abandoning his mother. He has a ton of fight in him though and Eddie the man that gives him shelter from the streets sees that and puts it into training Tom to fight in a cage at Bannon’s Gym.

I enjoy reading a good emotional hot mess in a character. Tom is this character. Add in the fact that he can’t make up his mind about whether he wants to kiss or beat the hell out of Travis and you have an interesting romance. Takedown picks up a few years after Black Dog ends. Tom is still fighting everything, literally and figuratively. Tom simply has more fight in him than he has room for. Meeting Travis in the cage for a championship fight is a little too much for an overly emotional Tom. The consequences of that cage fight send Tom to the other side of the country.

Tom returns to Lincoln Beach two years later with nothing he fled from resolved. The people he considers family are having a rough time and Tom does what he can to help, but things have a way of not ever going the way Tom wants them too. Tom may have grown up some but he still has so much to learn. I’m glad I continued reading this series. Cat Grant has given me a character that I can’t help but want nothing but good things for. Nothing is Tom’s life comes easily or in a petty package. I’m looking forward to where he will go in Tap Out.

I waited until Tap Out was available before I read Takedown. Tom and Travis being the main characters in both made me think cliffhanger. Takedown does not end on a cliffhanger. I do recommend reading Black Dog before Takedown.

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