Recycled Review: Takedown by: Stacey Kennedy

May 17, 2013 Review 4

Recycled Review: Takedown by: Stacey Kennedy

U.S. Marshal Wyatt Tanning has been on the hunt for a killer on the run in Turks and Caicos. A week into the investigation, he has absolutely nothing to show for his efforts. Feeling defeated he returns to Castillo Resort to drown his frustrations. There he meets UFC fighter, Rye Daniels. Now the resort’s bartender, Rye recognizes a man that has been beaten down, but he also senses a shared attraction that is hard to ignore. Wyatt might not be ready to step out from behind the shadow of lies, but Rye will stop at nothing to unleash the beast within.

*Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

Title: Takedown
Author: Stacey Kennedy
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Series: 1NightStand
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Published by Decadent Publishing
Source: Author
Published: June 7, 2011
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 46
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
Stacey Kennedy
This review originally published July 29, 2011. Takedown was the very first male male romance that I read. I still love Rye & Wyatt. I also went on to read Somewhere in Between, which is where Wyatt and Rye get another happily ever after with their gal Darby.


Both Wyatt and Rye separately, have recently visited the same match making service of Madame Eve. They are looking for the right lady to spend some time with. I liked that both Rye and Wyatt are alphas. The romance is minimal. This really is just hot gritty one night stand sex. They came together over beers and a challenge. Wyatt has to initially be persuaded by Rye. Wyatt knows he has an intense sexual attraction to Rye. He is on the self-conscious side about what the US Marshall service, his employer, will think about it.
I had an awesome email this morning from Awesomesauce Book Club Blog. I won a backlist pick of a Stacey Kennedy book. Having seen several reviews for this book when it first came out I knew from get go I wanted to read it. This is a very quick read novella of male and male erotic. I have included some links below. 1Night Stand has their own blog. There are several other books in this series by various authors. The books focus around Madame Eve and her bringing people together for a HFN or a HEA. They are all short novellas. It also appears that they can be read as stand alones and completely out of order. I certainly enjoyed seeing these two big strong sexy alphas come together for a night of scorching hot sex. I will most definitely look into other books to see who else Madame Eve puts together.
Stacey Kennedy


4 Responses to “Recycled Review: Takedown by: Stacey Kennedy”

  1. Kate Richards

    Hi, Stacey is wonderful isn’t she? I’m one of the developers of the series and it’s been fun for us all, and we’re thrilled that you enjoyed Stacey’s book. Hope you have a chance to read some more and let us know what you think. Thanks for all your very nice comments!

  2. Valerie Mann

    Takedown is a very hot M/M book and that cover…WOW! I recommend the entire series, which includes everything from sweet to GLBT, paranormal to holiday!

  3. Stacey Kennedy

    WOOT! Thanks for the great review! I’m really happy you enjoyed the boys from Takedown! Keep an eye out for their sequel, Somewhere in Between that is coming soon! It adds a lady into the fun! 🙂

  4. Amber I

    Had to take a look at your review, and I think you are right I really should go check this out! Great Review!